GM, Nissan full-size SUV sales surge in October [News]

2017 chevy suburban hd fleet armored suv fleet commercial

While the overall sales outlook in October was pretty grim, the full-size SUV offerings from GM and Nissan showed no signs of a slowdown.

The Chevrolet siblings – the Tahoe and Suburban – continued to lead the pack, with the Tahoe selling almost twice the number of the second-place Suburban. Both saw 80-percent-plus sales increases over October 2015, with the Suburban getting the highest at over 85 percent.

The GMC Yukon and Yukon XL also had a strong month, with 61 and 27 percent increases, respectively. They may not sell as much as their Chevy counterparts, but when taken together, General Motors owns this segment.


The Nissan Armada, fresh off of a complete redesign, nearly cracked the 80 percent mark in month-over-month increases. It still sold at a much lower volume than the big players, but getting off the aging previous-generation platform seems to be paying off for Nissan.

Speaking of aging, both the Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia had precipitous drops for the month. Expedition sales were off 22 percent while Sequoia sales were off nearly 28 percent.

Full size SUV sales – October 2016

Oct 2016 # Oct 2016/2015 YTD 2016 # YTD 2016/2015 %
Chevrolet Tahoe 11,976 80.8% 81,976 14.9%
Chevrolet Suburban 6,550 85.5% 45,932 16.9%
GMC Yukon 5,677 61.0% 41,002 22.3%
Ford Expedition 4,127 -22.0% 55,268 -4.0%
GMC Yukon XL 3,469 27.4% 27,582 16.6%
Nissan Armada 1,470 79.4% 9,823 -8.8%
Toyota Sequoia 939 -27.9% 10,073 -5.0%

Check out this TFLtruck video of the Nissan Armada hitting the Gold Mine Hill trail: