• Over 15,000 2017 Ford Raptor and F-150s with 3.5L EcoBoost and 10-Speed Are Held at the Factory for Retrofits

    2017 ford f150 ecoboost 10 speed automatic review first drive
    2017 Ford F-150

    Several people have reported delays with the 2017 Ford F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost and the 10-speed automatic transmission that they ordered. One customer reported ordering a 2017 F-150 with the second generation 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and the new 10-speed nearly three months ago, but his dealership recently told him that his truck is being held back at the factory and has not shipped yet.

    One customer received the following message from Ford’s Field Operations office.

    We have now achieved (OK-to-Buy) OKTB on the vehicles below, retails will now begin scheduling/shipping.
    • 17MY Raptor and F-150 with 3.5L EcoBoost Engine/10R Transmission received OKTB at Dearborn and Kansas City Assembly Plants. Please note that there are a number of retrofits that need to be completed post OKTB, so it will take some time to draw down the inventory (15,000+ units).  The plants will be doing everything they can to prioritize retail orders and draw down the inventory by the end of the year.
    • 17MY Focus/Focus ST received OKTB at Michigan Assembly Plant
    • 17MY C-MAX received OKTB at Michigan Assembly Plant

    The statement says that there are a “number of retrofits” that need to be performed and the 2017 model year Ford Raptor and F-150 are involved. It is not states what these retrofits entail, or what is the cause of the delay. The delay appears to affect both the Dearborn and the Kansas City assembly plants and consists of over 15,000 trucks.

    TFLtruck made a call to a local Ford dealership in Colorado and received the following update. The dealership confirmed that 2017 F-150 10-speed trucks are being delayed at the factory, but several trucks are currently being shipped. This is good news for customers who are waiting for a new Raptor or F-150 with the 10-speed. There is still a very large number of trucks still pending shipment, and it will take at least until the end of the year to address all retail customer orders.

    Ford has seen several difficulties with production of its latest pickup trucks, as the Ford Super Duty has reportedly experienced “parts issues” earlier this year.

    Here is TFLtruck’s first drive review of the 2017 Ford F-150.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    55 thoughts on “Over 15,000 2017 Ford Raptor and F-150s with 3.5L EcoBoost and 10-Speed Are Held at the Factory for Retrofits

    1. Now it starts to make sense why we are seeing delays on these trucks hitting the lots, and why no journalists have been allowed to test the new Raptor.

    2. What’s the “retrofit?” Take a 2016 3.5 EcoBoost truck and swap in a 2017 H.O. EcoBoost engine + 10-speed auto? Not sure I’d be happy with that if it were my truck.

      Maybe its common, but Ford sure has seen a slew of production problems with new models. The changeover from 2014 to 2015 F-150 was painfully slow. The changeover from 2016 – 2017 Super Duty has been painfully slow. I ordered in April and received mine in October. Others have ordered in April and are yet to receive theirs. Now this changeover…which seems mild in comparison…is slow.

      Did GM have these problems when changing from the 2013 to 2014 model year half-tons?

      1. Troverman, I was thinking the same thing but held back. Ford shut down for a week because they had too much inventory. This sounds like a way to get rid of inventory. Swap the 2016 into a 2017 configuration. This all takes time. Likely it is what they are doing. Salesman I saw said it was very unusual for them to be this late with the release.

        I see another big crash very soon. The market is going to dive at some point like the plague. The strong will survive and the weak will perish or go bankrupt.

      2. I doubt that is the case as there were no ’16 Raptors and the “retrofit” affects them as well. The Raptor forum seems to think it has to do with what type of differentials the 4x4s are getting.

      1. I order my F-150 in July and am being told it will be in February at the earliest so the Donlan numbers don’t seem close.

    3. Better to find out there is a problem BEFORE the truck’s land in customer’s hands. I personally would rather a delivery delay than end up with a recall to fix an issue that should have been identified and remedied before release.

    4. I’m just waiting to see the new 3.5 10 speed against Gm’s best 6.2 liter in the torque sprint, drag race, whatever. .

    5. GM is smart waiting until all the bugs are out of the new 10 speed transmission before they offer it in their trucks.

        1. Each vehicle has their own release times with the transmission. For Ford, it is possible the V8 will not get it until the new 4.8 V8 is introduced. CU is now the old 292. Still in talks but I will place my money on it. The space saved should save room to turbo it possibly is my guess…

          1. Unless it’s an all new engine design, there won’t be any “extra room” because the outside dimensions of the engine will likely be identical to that of the current 5.0/5.2 engine. It will just be debored block to create less cubic inches and thus less cylinder to feed fuel into therefore being more economical while still being the V8 that some American truck buyers “GOTTA HAVE”.

            1. Having thicker cylinder walls and/or larger water cooling jackets due to a smaller bore would be a good thing if they do intend to EcoBoost the 4.8L. A boosted 4.8L could also be a future replacement for the 6.2L in the SD.

            2. I doubt there will be any more “room”. It’s a major annoyance of OHC, besides the timing chain issues that plagued the 5.4 and 3.5EB. I’d love to see Ford drop the DOHC V8 for a pushrod V8. The drawbacks of OHC outweigh the advantages when it comes to a pickup truck.

        2. The Camaro ZL1 is much lower volume vehicle (we’re talking maybe 10k or 20k units for 2017). Limits the number of vehicles that may potentially need a TSB fix/firmware update. Typically they don’t roll out something like a brand new transmission on such a high-volume model like the GM halfton twins.

      1. Ford and GM have been working together on the 10 speed since at least 2012. The bugs should be minimal. But if you want to piggy back on their previous joint venture, the FWD 6 speed it really did well. Ford did have an issue with their manufacturing and programming early on with the Mid but did issue a recall to correct the issue. GM had an issue with the large size with the reverse plates due to manufacturing issues. But over all they have proved to be very robust transmissions. Ford has had great success with the 5R110W transmission and their 6R series. So I think the issues will be minimal.

        1. They are great transmissions. Very tunable, decent aftermarket support, very tough when treated right. Cooling seems to be their only major weak point as they seem to run hot if you don’t give them enough cooling. They’re GTG.

      2. Well somebody has to be first. I wish they would put the 10-speed with the 5.0 as well. It would seem that it would benifit more with the narrower powerband of a naturally aspirated engine.

    6. Could it be that Ford is actually trying to fix a vibration problem it has on the 2015/2016 4x4s with the FX4 package !
      Just wondering

        1. Fritz: just wondering how do you know AAM is providing the axles to Ford? I have contacted AAM and they say, they are not. I have a vibration in my 2015 F150 4X4. Ford states “it is a characteristic of the truck” and anyone with this problem will have to live with it. Hope to have my truck fixed some day.

    7. I ordered my ’17 F-150 Lariat XF4 on Sept. 16th. It was built on November 1st. I too would rather have the fix before leaving the factory. But, I am worried what “it” might be to retrofit.

    8. I bought a 2016 FX 4 Lariat 3.5 EB and it has been flawless, guess I had the right gut feeling about “issues” with the 2017’s. In the meantime if I want more than this truck delivers, which I don,t, its only a tune and Borla twin exhaust and turbo upgrade away. All you need to add is good quality struts and shocks to these trucks and they are good to go anywhere.

    9. Seems there is a couple on fuelly. We’ll see if a recall comes out for the ones released. Hopefully just programming ig any. I feel ford really has done an excellent job on this newest setup. Can’t wait to see the new 4.8L. Damn good times for truck buyers!

    10. No build date, Consumer Reports has down graded the truck with an expected worse than average reliability and the insurance have rated the head lights as the worst of any pickup truck. I’m beginning to rethink my decision to order an F 150.

    11. You guys are seriously criticizing Ford for fixing a problem (possible problem) BEFORE they get to the consumer. Not sure why so many want this new powertrain combo so bad anyhow. You save alot by getting a ’16 and see no real world difference in power or economy. You guys just have to have the latest toys…

    12. Not criticizing for fixing a problem. The problem I have is the lack of communication. I ordered a truck in September and still no VIN. Dealer claims there is no problem but suggested I contact Ford who then referenced me back to the dealer. If it’s this bad trying to buy a truck, how bad will it be after I buy a truck. Seriously considering heading back to Toyota

    13. I ordered KR Aug.11 and still have not heard a word. I just cancelled out. I’ll just wait and see what the dealers get in stock and pick something out.
      If a lot of retail sale customers did that – maybe FORD might wake up!

    14. Ordered my f150 XLT 2 wheel drive on August 18. Have the VIN. The fact that mine is a 4×2 tells me it is EB/10 speed issue and nothing to do with type of drive. The fact that I have a VIN tells me its part of the 15k needing a retrofit. Just wish I knew what it involves.

    15. What is the vibration issue on the 2016 FX4 trucks? Mine was made this summer and I bought it in early October and I’m not noticing a vibration (yet). What would I notice if it was vibrating? Thanks!

      1. High torque engines with these tallish rear gear can shudder on initial acceleration. The EB builds torque quick


    17. Bought 2017 Ford F150m XLT w/10 speed tranny 12 April. 1st trip on vacation and within 100 miles noticed upon stopping the transmission shutters. When releasing the brake it again shudders and the head lights flicker. Stopping immediately again it does not shudder. Must drive up through the gears then stop again and it will shudder. Using tow command it does not malfunction at all. Will not shudder when cold but very quickly and within 4 miles it will shudder when making a complete stop. Again when releasing the brake to start off. Almost like a brake rotor or wheel is loose is the feeling. Can feel the shudder in the brake peddle real well and only for a second or two then shifts perfectly. This only happens when coming to a complete stop and when releasing the brake pedal to start off again. Weird. Has to be a computer transmission shifting timing issue. I’m betting its not shifting down to 1st gear properly before the stop. Gee, what a great truck but really bad situation to be in especially when reading Ford withheld the 10 speed eco boosts due to transmission glitches. I guess they decided to sell them regardless and let the customers and dealers enjoy the issue? Six days later and if not corrected immediately on the first shop visit its gone. Period.

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