• Toyota Tacoma maintains midsize truck sales lead [News]

    2017 Tacoma TRD Pro

    The dominant Toyota Tacoma kept its midsize truck sales lead again in September, but all competitors showed big gains over 2015.

    The Tacoma’s sales were up more than 35 percent over September 2015, and that’s not even the highest gain. For the year, sales are up marginally at almost seven percent. Toyota recently announced plans to increase capacity in its Tijuana, Mexico facility that makes Tacomas (they’re also made in San Antonio).

    The Chevrolet Colorado had another solid month, eclipsing 10,000 sales and posting a near-42 percent gain. It’s on pace to easily hit 100,000 sales by the end of the year.

    2017 honda ridgeline tacoma frontier canyon gmc nissan toyota comparison review

    No truck had a better performance, though, than the Nissan Frontier. It might be getting old, but the still-capable truck was nearly a unanimous winner in TFLtruck’s recent comparison video. Monthly sales are up 64.5 percent, while for the year, sales are up 46.8 percent.

    Honda’s near-truck, the Ridgeline, also sold well, and even though the GMC Canyon had the lowest volume, it too saw a sales increase from last year.

    Midsize Truck Sales – September 2016

    Sept 2016 # Sept 2016/2015 YTD 2016 # YTD 2016/2015 %
    Toyota Tacoma 15,723 35.4% 142,711 6.8%
    Chevrolet Colorado 10,383 41.6% 80,047 26.6%
    Nissan Frontier 7,596 64.5% 69,388 46.8%
    Honda Ridgeline 3,318 NEW 12,747 NEW
    GMC Canyon 2,949 26.5% 27,206 21.3%


    Check out the TFLtruck mega mashup of three midsize pickup contenders:

    John Inama
    John Inama
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    23 thoughts on “Toyota Tacoma maintains midsize truck sales lead [News]

    1. John Inama, I was just going to ask why you guys did not post the midsize sales. Question answered. However, I have seen others who look for more specific details. Is TFL able to know how many TRD Pro Tacoma’s were sold. Also many will ask how many diesel GM midsize trucks were sold.

      Nice small biography. You need to drive an Ski-doo Olympic snowmobile with boogie wheels and leaf spring suspension with a 540 liquid cooled Yamaha V-max motor with a Polaris Seat and an Arctic Cat clutch to truly enjoy a Jalopy at high speeds.

      1. Hello Thomas,

        We often ask all automakers to tell us specific sales data for certain trim levels (e.g. TRD Pro). However, the answer is almost always the same – “we do not list detailed sales data”.


        1. What about the Raptor. Will that just be considered an F150 sale. Now that it’s a different frame it’s truly not an F150? I think I read that 40% of all Tacoma sales are TRD models. Not real specific though

    2. @Bill, there is a strong possibility that Ridgeline sales are due to a surge of Honda loyalists who have been waiting 2+ years for the 2nd gen to reach dealers. I will find it more informative to see the sales numbers at 6months.

    3. Holy up percentages!! That’s awesome!! But Toyota should really enjoy the lead while it lasts. Once the ranger comes back the Tacoma won’t be very happy.

      1. The Nissan is starting to be the best option if you want a simple, honest, proven truck. It’s noticeably cheaper and has a great options selection. Not everyone wants a $45k midsize.

    4. With sales of the GM twins combined the Tacoma isn’t that far ahead. I think the gen 3 Tacoma was too little. The 4.0 from the gen 2 is a better truck engine.

      1. Agreed and 100% correct, regardless of what anyone wants Toyota is losing more buyers than they are gaining because of the new engine. My thoughts are, that that is why Nissan is doing better. Tacoma buyers are actually switching over to the Nissan.

        1. We currently have 3 Taco’s on our used lot and all three bought Colorado Z71’s (and said it was down to the Colorado or Nissan as they really didn’t like the new Taco).

            1. Why would I bullshit on a forum where I really don’t give a $hit what people think. Grow up dude. Look how the GM twins have closed on the Taco in monthly sales this year. Last year they sold about half of what the Taco sold each month and last month they sold 80% of what the Taco sold.

            2. GM has had a suprisingly high conquest rate with the new Colorado/Canyon. The new Tacoma barely qualifies as “New”. If anything the Gen 3 is a Gen 2 with a facelift and weaker engine.

      2. The 3.5 lt with the tran shift points changed TCB # 3066 will surprise what that engine can really do. Has been said it did not change much – my 2015 Weathertech mats do not fit in the 2016 or the vent visors, good changes.

    5. I think the increasing sales in the Midsize segment, reflects the soaring prices in the Fullsize one.

    6. 2 of those colorado diesels for Sept are from the wife and me 🙂 traded in 2 diesel cruzes lol.

      Amazing little truck, great fuel economy!!

      1. We just had a customer report just over 1100 kms highway to a tank in his Colorado diesel. Thats just over 700 miles on 19 gallons US (still showed just off empty on gauge)is 35+ mpg on a truck with 1500 miles on it (not even broke in yet). He said it works perfectly for him and fits in both his garage and the parking stall at work.

    7. Those that traded their Tacos for the diesel Colorado will come back to Toyota when Toyota USA gets their first diesel TACO in the US.

      1. At the pace Toyota moves, that won’t be any time soon. They took forever to finally update the Taco (the 2nd gen was around for 11 years). The Tundra hasn’t seen a major update in nearly a decade. Both are stuck with 6-speeds while the GM twins are already coming out with 8-speed transmissions.

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