• Ford’s Wayne, MI Plant Chairman Confirms Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco Coming to Production

    2020 ford bronco bronco6g forum 4x4 concept sketch
    2020 Ford Bronco (sketch by Bronco6G.com)

    Bill Johnson, Ford’s Wayne Michigan plant chairman for United Automobile Workers (UAW) Local 900 confirms addition of Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco production according to an interview with the Detroit Free Press.

    The latest news is that Ford is moving small car production, namely the Ford Focus and Ford C-Max, from the Wayne Michigan facility to Mexico. However, Ford is investing more resources (up to $4.8 Billion in Michigan over the next four years) to keep the Wayne plant churning out more vehicles without any loss to the workforce.

    Bill Johnson made the following statement during the interview:

    “We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.”

    TFLtruck reached out to a Ford representative for comment. Ford’s statement is: “Ford is not making any new vehicle announcements at this time.”

    TFLtruck reported on the topic of Ford Ranger coming back in August 2015. Information from about a year ago is consistent with the recent report by the Detroit Free Press. All of the unofficial information suggests that the next generation Ford Ranger will come before the Bronco. The Ranger is likely to go on sale in the United States in calendar year 2018 (perhaps as a 2019 model). The Bronco will follow after that. Will the next Bronco look like the sketch above provided by Bronco6G.com ? It’s anybody’s guess at this point as Ford refuses to make any official statements about this topic.

    TFLtruck has a chance to speak with Doug Scott, Ford’s pickup truck marketing manager, on the topic of the upcoming Ford Ranger in this interview.


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    29 thoughts on “Ford’s Wayne, MI Plant Chairman Confirms Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco Coming to Production

    1. Build it, but not on a Ranger Platform. I have a feeling it will be Ranger Based with a small v6 turbo. Sigh!!

    2. That’s good news, even if the size will be %40 bigger that the old Ranger. And that 3 door Bronco, that’s one pretty truck, but not sure about it’s future sales

    3. A few rules ford. Make it an sfa, no ifs garbage and removable top. Offer a 2 and 4 door. Needs to compete with Jeep Wrangler, not a Kia Sportage.

      1. 6spd manual would be dandy too. Will interesting to see engine choices, hope they are not all forced induction.

      1. I was thinking that too. Won’t he get into trouble for saying that? Ford might as well start showing pictures and details now that it’s out

      2. The head of GESTAMP has also confirmed that the plant they are building in Michigan is to supply hot stamped body panels for the Ranger. That not only confirms that Ranger will be built in Michigan, but also confirms that it will use a high-strength steel body instead of being aluminum like the F series. Timing looks to coincide with the global redesign of Ranger.

    4. The 2.7 ecoBoost in a Ranger with an eight speed auto would be totally wicked! Wow!
      Man oh man are things getting good for light trucks!
      Except for Toyota; they’re being left behind…

    5. What Mr Johnson is stating is what’s in the latest UAW contract and what TFL didn’t mention is that all of this was said in response to Donald Trump’s attacks on Ford, again in the first presidential debate, about building new plants and creating new jobs in Mexico rather than in the US. Ford has responded by basically saying that they are only doing what every other auto manufacturer has done or plans to do to stay profitable. I can see both sides of this argument. However, the real answer is to re-evaluate trade agreements like NAFTA. It serves no good purpose to vilify Ford for doing what any good business would and should do in response to stupid government decisions. While it may make for good press it is not a good idea to single out one of this country’s best corporate citizens for doing what the government has forced them into.
      By the way, doesn’t it seem odd that there have been no real sightings of prototypes or test mules with production only about two years away? Let’s see, the UAW contract was signed last year and it’s a four year contract. Just sayin’.

    6. I wonder if Ford will call it the F100 Ranger so they can keep the sales numbers included in the F-series numbers (they too will see a drop in full size sales)?

    7. Have 2 broncos….

      One fullsize on a raptor suspension and powertrain…. call it a bronco.

      One on midsize or whatever the ranger is going to be. Call it a bronco II

    8. From what I’ve heard Ford will be playing the name switching again. The Bronco will be the Ford Everest as scene in other parts of the world based on the Ranger. The 2 door f150 based bronco will not be built .

      1. @John,
        You have it partly correct. Ford Everest is a LWB version and based on the Ranger. Ford Bronco is a SWB version of the Ranger. Ford Everest is already in production. Current Ford Ranger has a base curb weight of 4,900lb

        1. The Bronco pictured at the top is F150 based though, it has the wider body and the same exact windshield.

          1. @John
            Production Bronco will be based on the Ranger. What the Ranger will be like wil be a good question

    9. The Australian Ford Ranger looks like an impressive light pickup. Since this compact/midsize pickup segment is heating up in the USA, the timing seems right. Ford’s 2.3-liter turbo four Mustang engine sounds like a sweet possibility for the Ranger, maybe the Bronco. A “Raptor” version could use Ford’s F-150 2.7-liter turbo V6. Lots of possibilities here, and Ford has the engines to meet the challenge of escalating fuel economy regulations without loss of power. Go get ;em, Ford. GM needs some competition so the Colorado doesn’t stand in place.

      1. @Walt Atwood,
        The Ranger has a kerb weight of 4,900lbs the same as the 2.7 Ecoboost F150. What the US version will weigh is a good question

    10. I really like the civilized rendering of the 2020 Bronco but I liked the edgy looks of 2004 Bronco concept better. I’d love to see Ford come out with a diesel powered Bronco.

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