Ask TFLtruck: Which Truck Should I Buy, Toyota Tacoma vs Ford F-150? [Ask TFLtruck]

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We recently received an email from Ben, TFLtruck reader, asking for some advice on a truck purchase in the near future. Since we know many of you have a great wealth of knowledge on the subject, we thought that you may have some great input for Ben on his new truck decision. Ben asks the question: Which truck should I buy? Is it the Ford F-150, or the Toyota Tacoma that makes the most sense? Here is the message we received:


Thank you for putting together such informational presentations. I have been enjoying Ask Mr. Truck and TFL a lot lately.

I will be in the market for a new vehicle in the next year or so and am debating between the short bed versions (5 1/2 foot box) of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport and the Ford F-150 EcoBoost (probably the 2.7 but I would also consider the 3.5 if the price was right).

I know one is a mid-size truck and the other a full, but price wise, especially with dealer incentives, the two are almost the same. I don’t plan on towing but would like the option to tow utility trailers as needed. I would use the vehicle as a daily driver but also live in Denver, CO so I want the 4×4 option for snow and getting to the mountains for snowboarding and camping (which may involve minor off-roading). I may use the truck for work which would involve hauling tools, air sampling equipment (multiple contico type cases about 25 lbs apiece) and ladders.

Ideally I would like double cab/super crew with leather interior (will settle for aftermarket install if necessary) as I have two dogs whose hair is impossible to get out of cloth. I would like the option to transport people comfortably but that is not likely to be a daily need.

Here are my musings and I would appreciate your input and recommendations:


-Turning Radius
-Parking in the city/urban environment
-Probably an appropriate size vehicle for my needs
-Anticipated reliability
-Fun to drive

-Reported transmission issues (including low fluid from the factory and gear hunting)
-Reported leaf spring squeaks
-Reported hood shake issues
-Gas Mileage is not very good when compared to larger trucks
-Drum Brakes
-Cramped back passenger area
-Seat position and Manual adjustment
-Unknown gas grade (premium or mid grade – Note Colorado the grades are typically 85, 87 and 91)
-After market leather on TRD Sport (+$1,000)


-More truck than I will likely need
-Familiar with how they handle (I have one as part of the work fleet)
-EcoBoost is a beast of an engine
-Promising Gas Mileage
-Seat position & electronic adjustment
-Interior comfort for driver and passengers
-Mid Grade Gas
-Disc Brakes
-Leather option on interior

-Parking and Turning Radius
-Reliability questions on EcoBoost
-Unfamiliar with Turbo engines and maintenance requirements
-Ford Infotainment is clunky and cumbersome compared to other systems
-Aluminum body may be costly if repairs are needed

Thank you,



So TFLtruck community, we open this up to you! Which truck should Ben buy and why? Please post your responses in the comments section below! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and appreciate your feedback and participation.