• 2017 Ford Super Duty Faces Production Slow Down Due to “Parts Issues”


    Ford’s all-new Super Duty is a solid truck that is getting awards and positive reviews. However, not everything is going smoothly at Ford’s Louisville, KY plant that produces the 2017 Super Duty. A report by The Wall Street Journal quotes a newsletter from UAW union’s factory chairman, Rodney Janes.

    The article states that the factory face “parts issues” in late summer of 2016, which drastically affected production of the 2017 Super Duty. Mr. Janes is reported to say that it will be “impossible” to catch up the lost production in third quarter of the year. This is likely to negatively impact Ford’s earnings for the third quarter. The report continues to say that the factory workers will need to work overtime for around a year in order to catch up.

    Ford has not clarified which parts delayed production. While the 2017 Super Duty trucks are starting to arrive at dealerships, your order or the specific truck you are looking for may be delayed.


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    14 thoughts on “2017 Ford Super Duty Faces Production Slow Down Due to “Parts Issues”

    1. They probably just put this out there just in case gm passes by them on ytd sales they have a excuse like last year.

      1. I wish that were the case. But, being I have been waiting 5 months for my truck to be built and most likey another month before I get it..I don’t think it is a PR excuse. Though the new duramax will be a great engine, I hate the scoop and the very dated interior of the gmc twins.

    2. The pre-launch marketing hype said the truck would be available with a 6.8 gas engine. But, so far none are available. I wonder if the production issue is related to the 6.8.

      1. Nope, we have received 4 of the 6.8 V10s cabin chasis’ already. It seems to be linked to the 6.7 Power Stroke possibly as all my ETA dates on those are gone.

        1. The original word was cameras, particularly the 3rd brake light camera. All I know is that I have a 2017 F350 dually diesel Lariat Ultimate in my driveway right now. It is an amazing truck, very happy customer.

    3. Its bad to hear this and it does make you wonder which part it is. Its great though that customers will wait because they are getting the biggest, baddest and best truck on the planet.

    4. To bad this site is being infiltrated by the pickuptrucks site posters as it is really taking the comments section of this site down hill.

    5. I ordered a 2017 F350 Platinum on January 9th. IT was placed into production Jan 9th, Built Feb 7th and should be taking possession end of this week. I was told the CHMSL Camera and the adaptive steering motor assembly. I’m excited but also a little concerned being its a new design.

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