• What Are Your Questions About The 2017 Ford F-150? Answered Here. [Updated]


    TFLtruck has an opportunity to drive the updated 2017 Ford F-150 in Michigan this Wednesday Aug 31st.

    The big news has to do with the engine and transmission. The truck gets a completely redesigned 3.5L EcoBoost V6 that now makes 375 horsepower @ 5,000 rpm and diesel-like 470 lb-ft of torque @ 3,500 rpm. The new power plant is mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission, which was co-developed with General Motors.

    If the turbocharged 3.5L V6 is not your cup of tea, the 2017 F-150 will continue to be offered with naturally aspirated 3.5L V6, the 2.7L EcoBoost V6, and the 5.0L V8 that are still paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission.

    We will have access to many Ford product specialists, engineers, and communication managers. We want to know what you are most interested in with relation to the 2017 F-150 or Ford Trucks in general. Please put down your questions in comments section below. We will compile them and try to get all of them answered on camera, although we will be time limited. If we cannot get to the question you had, we will follow up and get the answers.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Here are the answers we gathered – see videos below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    108 thoughts on “What Are Your Questions About The 2017 Ford F-150? Answered Here. [Updated]

      1. In my magic crystal ball I can predict the answer, “we cannot comment on future product information, just know we are always investigating and searching for new ways to improve our product for you the customer”

    1. Could a 10 speed be too many gears? I have an 8 speed SUV and I think it is a little bit too much shifting and trying to find the right gear when pulling a grade.

      1. I have an 8 speed Ram and I think 8 gears is great. Gives the engine power at any speed. 10 with proper tuning should be great.

      2. I wonder the same thing. I have a 13 F150 with the 6 speed and 5.0 v8 and love it. My body has the Sierra 8 speed and loves that.

      1. No. There’s not. It’s not needed, so stop crying. If you don’t like it, google it yourself and don’t get your feelings hurt.

      1. Yeah, this is a great question. The 10 speed would have done wonders for the 5.0 V8. It does not do much for the boosted 3.5, which was expected.

    2. The BIG question about the *all-new* 3.5 L Ecoboost: Fuel Economy- Do you see a BIG difference from the previous generation?

      1. Nobody – – –

        Yeah! I fully agree. It’s about time they REALLY got creative and offered a new tough, big, 7-speed manual transmission! And it would make a nice pattern on the shifter knob: 4 on the top; 4 on the bottom (with reverse)…


    3. When do you think ford will develop a button that shuts all the windows at once or a sensor that senses rain like the windshield wipers and closes the windows automatically?

        1. I was kinda thinking the same thing lol. All that shit makes the price go up and up even for a low equipped truck cuz they have to research and test all that shit.

      1. Great question, I too would like to know the answer to this one. I know the diesels are limited in lower gears.

    4. Will there be a 120V outlet available in the bed? Additional bed lighting options? Wireless charging capability?

    5. are there new interior choices for 2017. I would like to see the limited interior available on other models

    6. With the popularity of 8,9 & now ten speeds (seems almost like years ago when bicycle companies started adding a higher number of gears) I wonder if any thought has been given to going to two speed rear axles? This could give a solid towing ratio along with an efficient highway cruising ratio without all of the up shifting and downshifting all of the time.

    7. 1) why did they not use CGI for the block of the 2nd gen 3.5L

      2) What rear differential gear options will be available for the new 3.5L/10speed combo

    8. How come no one asked if the towing will increase from 11,500 to beat out the GM 12,500 for 2017. But there it is I asked. I’m likely moving from my Tacoma into this truck. Have to pull a 6 ton trailer now and the Tacoma gets the job done but not legal or happy with that weight behind it. But they can shove that air dam up their ass. Looking at a Tundra and a Rebel but they are too much money and the XLT will get the job done for cheaper then I give it back in two years and get something else

      1. @Thomas

        If you are truly pulling a trailer weighing 6 tons (vs one capable of being loaded that much) that would be at the peak of the F-150’s capacity and not make for a very good towing experience. In my opinion, having done a lot of towing in my career, anything over 10k lbs is best towed by a 3/4 ton or higher. I just sold my 2016 F-350 Powerstroke in preparation for taking delivery of a 2017 F-350 dually, and now my towing vehicle has become our 2016 Ford F-150 2.7L. With 5k behind it, there is no lack for power but the back end seems very light, the trailer tends to control the truck, and the experience is just not as good. It does tow it OK, but you’re referring to 7k lbs beyond where I’m at.

        1. I pull 10+K w/ my 2012 EB and have zero concerns. Not maxed out, lots of power left. Good weight distributing hitch is the key. Ordered a 17′ EB today. Things going to be a BEAST. More power than my old big block:))

    9. Is that correct; peak torque is now at 3,500 rpm? That’s a lot higher than it used to be. I’m a fan of ecoboost for the low end power. I hope they aren’t turning it into a car engine just to have pretty peak numbers.

      1. the peak tq was 2500 on the old one. i doubt the new one would have less torque than the old at 420@2500.
        my question is what is their target rpm for highway speed, and assuming its in 10th gear

      2. I think the new engine will make torque longer hence higher peak torque and have that infamous low end grunt as usual.

        1. These are things I would think and hope but the fact is they moved peak torque considerably higher in the range. Perhaps new cam profile. We’ll have to wait for dyne curves.

    10. With dual injection can only the di system be running at times and only the pi running at times or is it the pi running the entire time and when the di system does come on then they r both running at the same time or does the pi system turn off and wondering if u ever thought of adding cylinder deactivation 2 the ecoboost I think that would help a lot on those motors 4 MPG increases cause highway driving would b on only 4 cylinders and so would city I guess some what.

      1. I can’t see them having the port injection running at high turbo boost, they’d have horrible pre-ignition.

      2. Good question on the DI and PI. Cylinder deactivation technology is a bad move and one reason I would never consider a GM truck. They have acknowledged the oil blowback issue and consider “30K miles- high mileage” when issues being showing up in higher numbers of vehicles- all from GM response. Honda too has the same issue.

    11. On the King Ranch, Platinum and Limited crew cab models it would be nice to have “self closing soft close power doors”.

    12. I dont think the area under the curve is really better than the old one. Huge increase on the torque, slight increase on the HP. It looks like the “torque war” on HD trucks, huge difference in torque figures but no difference in real life.

    13. I can’t wait to see the 0-60 & quarter mile times, both empty and at full tow weight. I suspect that the dual injection is to reduce the DI clatter at idle. Many DI systems sound almost like diesels at idle. I noticed this on a Bimmer at the stoplight the other day, and I at first, thought it was a diesel; but no just an M series.

      1. My ecoboost F150 is very quiet. More so than my Ram 1500 with Hemi. So far away from even a small diesel clatter.

      1. Explorer is front-drive based, so that transmission isn’t going to work. It will either get a 9 speed or it will get a 10 speed if the next gen Explorer is RWD.

    14. I know it’s too late for the ’17 or ’18my; but how about more interior color choices besides black, gray, or tan. Will the upfitter switches in the Raptor overhead console be available in the other models? Will the STX crew cab package be available with the 6.5′ bed? When will the 5.0 be available with the ecoboost system? It would help their café numbers improve.

    15. Will the new ten speed be available on every trim level with every engine? If not… Where does it start?

    16. Has Ford considered redesigning their tailgate retractable step to something more usable when hitched to a conventional pull trailer? I believe a lot of trailer jacks will interfere with the step.

    17. What parts of the MY2017 are using the Alcoa Micromil aluminum technology?

      Any weight difference vs. the MY2015?

      Lion 3.0L TD anytime soon?

    18. Will they be working on the rear suspension to help minimize the sag when loaded. My 2015 is alot worse than my 2012 was? Why didn’t they make the tailgate power close when the made it power release to open? That would be one be really nice.

      1. Best warranties unfortunately are for companies who have something to prove. Not that Nissan isn’t a good brand but they are trying to sell a truck and that has proven difficult for them in the past. I’m curious what their incentives are going to be. With the massive discounts on big three you can buy the extended bumper to bumper warranty and still save money.

    19. Chevrolet has recently raised their towing capacity to a now class leading 12,500 lbs. Will the revised engine ,and new transmission help the truck meet or surpass their tow rating? Thanks!

    20. Is the 10 speed 3.5l ecoboost combo lighter then the outgoing 6 speed 3.5l ecoboost combo if so how much and if not is it heavier or the same weight.

    21. Will the HP and TQ be any higher on the 5.0 v8?? What changes are they making to the 5.0 for 2017?

    22. why can’t we get a manual tranny even as a cost option like automatics used to be when they were not popular to the masses or should I say forced on the masses

    23. When is ford going to put a dummy clutch pedal in for the few big rigger to push that cant figure out that the plus and minus sign on the shifter is there manual transmission.

    24. What will the additional price of the 10 speed transmission be? How will it be beneficial? What will the warrantee be on the transmission and the 3.5l Ecoboost engine for 2017?

    25. Buying a new truck w/ in the next 6-9 months. Gas mileage is an import factor to consider when you buy a new truck.. especially since I keep my trucks for about 8-10 years. How is the gas mileage for the turbocharged 3.5L V6 going to compare w/ the RAM Eco Diesel ?

    26. Andre, Please ask about the durability of the 10 speed transmission. I need to buy a new truck but worry about buying a 1.0 product. Ralph

    27. What are the towing figures for 2017 compared to 2016 (not just peak – ALL of them for the different combinations of engines, axle ratios, cab and bed lengths)? Also, what are the chances for a diesel option in the 2017 model year?

    28. I’m curious to know what torque we can expect at 2500 RPM, as was with the previous gen. Are we still getting at least 420? We love the torque down low!

    29. Will u do a CGI block 4 the 3rd generation 3.5 ecoboost and if so when will the next gen be available.

    30. At what rpm does it change gears is it at the same point 4 every gear change for example 1st to 2nd @ 1,400 rpm

    31. Also, the super duty 17’s have put faith in rating their full hitch load without requiring weight distribution hitches. Will we see something similar, or at least an increase from the 1,220 max with WD? You can increase the towing capacity all you want, but the minimum 10% rule shows a max towing capacity of 12,200 lbs because of that hitch rating.

    32. Is it true that all ecoboost engines will have auto stop/start as standard equipment shutting off the engine whenever the truck comes to a stop? Is it also true that the default is “on” and the driver will have to shut it off (if desired) every time he starts the truck? If so, would it be possible to have a setting that would make the default “off” so the driver could instead turn it on if he wants this feature?

    33. Is there a actual eco mode that involving the new electronic waste gate to help manage boost ? There may be a time that downshifting could be better than holding a gear with boost. You you get torque multiplication from lower gear and, correct me if I am wrong, i think thermal efficiency goes up with higher rpms (or till peak torque)

    34. Why did they remake the 3.5 liter EcoBoost? I have the previous version, what’s wrong with it?

    35. Actually want better mpg to get to the job site 84 miles away. But a ford focus was difficult to do side jobs out of, water heaters and furnaces don’t fit real well.

    36. Can’t wait until 10 speed is on all engines. Even the base v6 could be great with that trans. Bet the 5.0l would be a monster too. Makes me wonder what updates are coming for the v8. With the gen 2 ecoboost coming out you really have to be bias for v8s to pick 5.0 over ecoboost.

    37. Have concerns about the reliability and durability of the 10-speed. That’s a lot of parts to crowd into a small space. Can it be cooled properly? Are special lubricants needed? How often will they need to be changed? Will it be good for 200,000 miles? Will an extended warranty be included for that item? (yeah: I keep my trucks a long time.)


    38. I like how they shit on the diesel question and basically stated the Ecoboost is superior because it is. Lmfao. Might as well buy a 4 cylinder with a 5:10 rear end. Same as a diesel
      Low grunt but can’t accelerate worth a shit. Eco boost killed all the diesels it went up against on this site. Can’t wait for the 5.0 Ecoboost in the super duty lineup. I know I know the diesel gets better mileage but so do 4cylinders. Same type of garbage

    39. . The power train guy said they dont have any info on the diesel yet key word yet. so that sounds like comformation to me that the diesel is going to be a reality. sweeeeeet!

    40. Ford had so many problems with the 1st gen 3.5l V6 according to forums, serious problems with the P0016 twin timing chain and cam phasers (a very expensive repair), Ford’s direct injection system, issues with carbon build up, water collecting in the intercooler. Being a person who likes to keep trucks to about 250,000 miles and tow stuff, I have yet to see ANY V6 in a Ford truck go much more south than 125,000 miles. Apparently, from past experiences if I want an engine to last a long time I need to stick with the V8. I think if Ford wants us to buy the V6 twin turbo engine then they need to put a very long warranty on it to calm our nerves!

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