Ford F-Series leads full-size truck sales again for August [Sales]

2017 ford f150 ecoboost 3.5L v6 power specs specifications
2017 Ford F-150

Another month, another dominant sales lead for the Ford F-Series pickups.

The ubiquitous full-size truck dominated the sales charts again in August, leading the second-place Chevrolet Silverado by about 14,000 sales. For the month, however, sales were down 6.1 percent, as the entire segment showed a sales decrease over August 2015.

For the year, the F-Series becomes the first vehicle to hit the half-million mark, with sales up 6.7 percent over this time last year.

Both GM entries experience sales drops over August 2015, with the Silverado down 4.7 percent and the GMC Sierra down 17.7 percent. Combined, they did slightly outsell the F-Series for the month.

Sandwiched between the two GMs is the Ram pickup, which actually had the best sales performance by matching last year’s monthly total, at least within rounding error. For the year, the Ram’s sales are still strong, up 5 percent.

The two also-rans, the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan, also both had sales drops over last year. The all-new Titan doesn’t seem to be drawing any more buyers than the old one.

Full-Size Truck Sales – August 2016

Aug 2016 # Aug 2016/2015 YTD 2016 # YTD 2016/2015 %
Ford F-Series 66,946 -6.1% 527,847 6.7%
Chevrolet Silverado 52,408 -4.7% 380,176 -1.8%
Ram 40,202 0.0% 308,970 5.0%
GMC Sierra 17,478 -17.7% 146,372 3.2%
Toyota Tundra 9,875 -1.8% 75,315 -7.7%
Nissan Titan 1,248 -1.6% 8,490 0.6%

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