Can a Used Diesel Mercedes G-Wagon Be Less Expensive than an Economy Sedan?


How do you refer to these military-spec Mercedes G-Wagons? Is it G-Wagon or G-Wagen? Either way works, but the German spelling is G-Wagen, as in Geländewagen (or “cross country vehicle”). Whatever you call it, this body-on-frame SUV is an off-road specialist. It is rough and tough, has front and rear lockers, and ready to tackle any terrain.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado based company – Mastodon 4×4 – specializes in converting 25 year old G-Wagens from raw military vehicles into more civilized and more powerful overland expedition vehicles, or simply cool off-road trucks.

Can a used diesel Mercedes G-Wagon be less expensive than a compact sedan? The answer is a resounding – yes!