• 2017 Chevy Colorado Gets More V6 Power and an 8-Speed Transmission

    2016 Chevrolet Colorado Midnight Edition

    Tough competition makes everybody better. GM is pushing forward with significant powertrain updates for the 2017 Chevy Colorado. The midsize truck gets a new 3.6L V6 gasoline engine that is mated to a GM-developed Hydra-Matic 8L45 8-speed automatic transmission.

    Chevrolet targeted performance and refinement with the engine/transmission combination. The new V6 represents a slight bump in power output. It’s rated at 308 hp @ 6,800 rpm and 275 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm. The engine also features cylinder deactivation (Active Fuel Management) system which allows the truck to run in V4 mode under light load conditions. The outgoing V6 made 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque.

    The 8-speed automatic provides a wider gear ratio spread than the 6-speed, and this should allow for a quicker off-the-line getaway and more efficient steady speed cruising on the highway. The 8-speed is about the same size and weight as the 6-speed, according to GM.

    Chevrolet did not yet specify any changes to the EPA fuel economy ratings or maximum payload/towing capability. While the real-world performance may improve, the overall ratings may not change.We cannot wait to test the new power package on our 100-mile MPG loop with the test trailer and on the extreme Ike Gauntlet towing challenge.

    In the meantime, checkout this first drive review of the 2016 Chevy Colorado with 2.8L I4 Duramax power plant.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    44 thoughts on “2017 Chevy Colorado Gets More V6 Power and an 8-Speed Transmission

    1. In the past, the 8-speed actually *slowed* the 0-60 times of the full-size Silverados and Sierras. 3 HP and 6 lb-ft is basically not noticeable. I think the only advantage here could be fuel economy.

      1. Actually the 8-speed dropped the mpg on the early 2016 5.3L’s (when we could get them in 2016) by 1 mpg. Suspected reason is the 5.3L with the 8-speed didn’t have the hp at low rpm ranges to keep it in 4 cylinder mode long enough before jumping back to 8 cylinder mode (the gear ratios of the 6-speed kept rpm’s slightly higher – thus a little more hp – and keeps the truck in 4 cylinder mode more). It did improve the 6.2L’s slightly though (just because that engine has enough hp at any rpm to stay in 4 cylinder mode longer), so who knows what it will do for the Colorado. But it did make a huge difference in having power in the right ranges and where you needed it in the 5.3L’s. But the drop in mpg on the 5.3L is likely why we suddenly couldn’t get the 8-speed any more after the early production runs (dam government fuel requirements).

        As far as the Colorado goes, the 8-speed will definitely get the truck up and going faster as lower gears will hit the rpm power band of this new LGX engine faster. Overall towing power won’t change much though; just get you up and moving a bit better but won’t likely see much in highway towing performance.

        1. The 6 speed silverado could be had with 3.08 gears, 8 speed only 3.42. That’s why the mpg rating went down. Compared to a 3.42 6 speed it went up a little and had more aggressive transmission gearing for better acceleration.

      2. It slowed the 6.2l marginally on empty acceleration but improved it vastly while towing and put it on the map for half ton fuel economy. 8 speeds are the ticket. If you don’t think power delivery of the 3.6l will greatly improve you’ll be in for a surprise. Might want to go back to the IKE 6.2l/ 6 speed video where the Silverado struggled. Then watch the newer model with 8 speed do it much easier. 5.3l overall performance increased with 8 speed as well. There is so much more to performance than 0-60 such as passing and acceleration above 60 and especially towing acceleration at a range of speeds.

      1. Does anyone agree that if the 2018+ Chevy Colorado got an V6 Duramax (P.S. I think it would tow like 9,500 lbs.)

        1. I meant to say if it got an V6 duramax if it would be a cool upgrade for the baby duramax while keeping the I-4 Duramax.

          1. And if that STUPID AIR DAM got removed it would be an amazing job from Chevy not for better MPG but better stock off-road capability.

      1. Take 1 hour of your time and remove the front air dam. Presto; you have the truck you want. For the other 95% of people who never off-road this truck, they can enjoy the better fuel economy of having the front air dam.

        Or the 5% who want to off road can just wait until the ZR2 is released. It is being tested and there are plenty of spy shots out there of it. My guess is a mid-year release or 2018.

    2. Is the new V6 the LGX? or still the LFX engine? Having the AFM, I think it’s the LGX, meaning the Colorado will have and extra 50 pounds on it’s nose. I’m wondering if it’s going to play with the truck handling, witch (my POV) was already so-so.

        1. Ryan, that’s interesting, on the GM Authority sites, the LFX, depending of vehicle application weights from 340.5 to 345 pounds. The LGX scales at 393 pounds, 22 pounds from the longer stroke and +1mm bore, the rest of the +26 pounds are from the AFM (DOD) and the start/stop tech. Also, I still have no clue the weight difference from the 8 speed vs. the 6 speed.

          My guess is that GM will install the same front struts/springs that are on the 2.8 Duramax (200 pounds heavier vs. the LFX 3.6L)

      1. There’s no real weight difference in the LGX engine. I am surprised you don’t like the handling; unless you want a more SUV type handling like the Ridgeline.

        1. Dpach, the handling was OK, I did not say I did not like it, but I was expecting a more balance ride vs. MY16 F150. But sure beats the old 3.7 Canyon

    3. I sat in one of these today and I couldn’t belive how far the seat went back, but the salesman said that the little deisel is really slow although awesome on fuel. So hopefully the new tranny goes in the deisel and gets it going quicker and pulling a little harder.

      1. I will not be buying any GM products in the future as they have started importing the Buick Envision from China instead of setting up their assembly lines here in North America to build them…..This is absolutely unacceptable especially in these hard times when there are lots of families without work. I can’t believe GM would allow this.

        Hey GM watch how fast social media rips you apart if they already have entered started.

      2. Sorry but the diesel will never be and was never intended to be fast. Not the point of the diesel. Meant to pull hard (which it does really well) and get good fuel mileage.
        It’s actually mated to the 6 speed really well so I don’t forsee them putting the 8 speed in right away since they don’t really need to.

        1. Who says it has to be fast? Why can’t it just pick up a little quicker? Why wouldn’t they improve if they have the chance? but anyways all that doesn’t matter as long as GM imports Chinese made GM vehicles into the US, I won’t buy their products until they get their shit together.

          1. The times have passed you by and moved on to global economics. Buick’s number one marked in the world is China. So it makes sense to have a factory there. Unless you are willing to put your money where your mouth is and pay an extra $5000 per Envision to pay the $500M it costs to build a plant for perhaps one shift of workers to build the supply need in N America, well, keep driving something else. The only way the Envision gets built here is if there is enough room to squeeze it out of the next gen Equinox/Terrain plant.

            1. Keep the factory there I don’t care. As far as where my money goes it won’t be in GM products, goodluck with your sales.

    4. They should bring back the 4.8l v8 upgrade like they did 5.3l direct inj afm higher compression aluminum block etc. I have a 2016 colorado with the v6 and it really needs more torque and the v8 in 4 cyl mode would actually be the same dispacement so potentially same economy and better powerband. It also would sound way better.

    5. we are all dreaming the only way any of us normal folks will get the eight speed from gm is if we win the power ball. I mean come on we all know gm is probably going to come out with some ultra luxury pkgs. that will make an eight speed Colorado cost around 65,000 plus. but I really hope they don’t

      1. They have no choice but to include it in every vehicle now and going foward, ram is a competitor, they have offered an 8 speed for a while now in pickups n while they dont have a mid size technically they made the 1500 very well priced which is why there ram sales have risen 22% a huge blow to chevy/gmc. They have no choice but to include it, it will not cost more for the 8 speed.

    6. 8 speed is big deal for this truck. Will be an excellent match for the powerband. Fuel economy and acceleration should improve.

    7. Everyone I talk trucks to and I mean everyone has had damage at some point to the low bumpers on trucks. Complete shit. I’m buying another new truck on lease soon and when I do I’m going to tell the dealer to shove their air dam so far Down their throats they can use it as a slide for the shit that comes out their asses. Oh well. For what GM lacks in intelligence they make up for in stupidity.

    8. The 8 speed should make this a quick little truck. Pentastar v6 Ram with 8 speed actually moves well and it’s substantially larger/heavier. Similar power ratings as well.

    9. I think it would be cool if the 2018+ Chevy Colorado got an V6 Duramax. Anyone agree? I think it would tow like 9,500 lbs.

    10. Have been waiting on the 2017 EPA numbers for the Colorado/Canyon 3.6L 8-speed for a while, anyone know when the estimates will be in?

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