Is FCA Still Considering a Ram Midsize Pickup Truck?

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Fiat Toro

Once again, speculation that we might get an FCA Ram Midsize pickup truck is floating around. The mid-size pickup truck market is poised to expand, rapidly. We’ve recently seen proof that the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck is undergoing testing and we’re seeing other small to mid-size trucks testing too.

Once again, following the interview that Brent Snavely, of the Detroit Free Press posted on USA Today, we have a great quote from the head of Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep and Ram brands, Mike Manley.

“In terms of midsize pickup for Ram I very much believe that that’s an opportunity for the brand,” Manley said. “Not just because of the success of the few competitors that have been playing in that field, but I …have been part of the history of the brand, I think it remains a great opportunity for us. But I have no definitive plans for that to announce today.”

Ah, but there is an issue: Jeep’s upcoming midsize pickup truck. If Ram gets the “go ahead” and builds a Ram Midsize pickup truck, would it be shopped against the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck? I asked around and the consensus (mostly) agrees that they might overlap, but the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck customer is different from the Ram Midsize pickup truck.

The Jeep Wrangler pickup truck is still a Jeep. That means it’s expensive, built specifically for off-road and it’s not the most practical vehicle for many consumers. The Ram Midsize pickup truck will (most likely) have a greater payload and towing capacity over the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck. It should be less expensive all around and be a better daily driver. This is just logic and speculation, there are no hard facts here.

Still, it’s nice to hear Mr. Manley say what many of us have been hoping for – a baby Ram.

What do you think?

Speaking of Jeep pickup trucks…

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