Is This Ford F-150 Ad a Counter Punch to the Chevy Silverado “Rock Drop” Attack?

2016 ford f-150 f150 limited luxury truck towing sli boat
2016 Ford F-150 Limited

By now, you probably heard about or watched the “Rock Drop” ad campaign by Chevrolet, which literally pokes holes in the Ford F-150 bed. Chevrolet performed bed strength tests and released two videos and the test data for three tests: laboratory bed material sample tests, landscape rock drop test, and toolbox drop test. Chevrolet specifically compared a 2016 Silverado 1500 against a Ford F-150.

The roll-formed steel bed in the Silverado outperformed the high strength aluminum bed in the Ford F-150 in all tests. In fact, Ford’s bed received punctures after the rock drop and toolbox drop tests. Of course, you would expect the manufacturer making and showing the tests to come out on top. When reached for comment, Ford claimed market sales leadership and a moral high ground.

2016 ford f-150 tough reasons ad

Now, Ford releases an ad titled “The Tough 10 Reasons the Ford F-150 Outpaces Every Other Truck”. It’s a fast-paced piece that starts with a history lesson. The ad shows a key in an ignition of what appears to be an older truck, and a hand trying to start the engine and failing. The narrator says “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to drive it.” Interestingly, GM trucks are the only ones that currently do not offer a push button start standard or optional. This appears to be a subtle counter punch by Ford. The pros and cons of ignition key and push button start are to be debated.

The continues to point out the military grade aluminum body of the F-150 and 700 lbs of weight savings over the previous model. You can watch the ad in its entirety here.