• Is This Ford F-150 Ad a Counter Punch to the Chevy Silverado “Rock Drop” Attack?

    2016 ford f-150 f150 limited luxury truck towing sli boat
    2016 Ford F-150 Limited

    By now, you probably heard about or watched the “Rock Drop” ad campaign by Chevrolet, which literally pokes holes in the Ford F-150 bed. Chevrolet performed bed strength tests and released two videos and the test data for three tests: laboratory bed material sample tests, landscape rock drop test, and toolbox drop test. Chevrolet specifically compared a 2016 Silverado 1500 against a Ford F-150.

    The roll-formed steel bed in the Silverado outperformed the high strength aluminum bed in the Ford F-150 in all tests. In fact, Ford’s bed received punctures after the rock drop and toolbox drop tests. Of course, you would expect the manufacturer making and showing the tests to come out on top. When reached for comment, Ford claimed market sales leadership and a moral high ground.

    2016 ford f-150 tough reasons ad

    Now, Ford releases an ad titled “The Tough 10 Reasons the Ford F-150 Outpaces Every Other Truck”. It’s a fast-paced piece that starts with a history lesson. The ad shows a key in an ignition of what appears to be an older truck, and a hand trying to start the engine and failing. The narrator says “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to drive it.” Interestingly, GM trucks are the only ones that currently do not offer a push button start standard or optional. This appears to be a subtle counter punch by Ford. The pros and cons of ignition key and push button start are to be debated.

    The continues to point out the military grade aluminum body of the F-150 and 700 lbs of weight savings over the previous model. You can watch the ad in its entirety here.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    106 thoughts on “Is This Ford F-150 Ad a Counter Punch to the Chevy Silverado “Rock Drop” Attack?

      1. Ford’s marketing department is best at making videos that are carefully edited and use trucks & tests that are carefully selected to guarantee their truck appears to work best, even if the test is carefully rigged to make sure their truck. For example, when they run all the trucks are 35 mph down their torture track to show what the suspension does. The F150 used 18″ wheels while the others had 20″ optional wheels. Between the more forgiving sidewall on the Ford and the fact that the F150’s suspension was optimized for that exact course at that exact speed, it’s sham of a “test”. Change the speed of the truck by even 5 mph with each truck equipped with same wheel size and the outcome would be completely different. Makes for a good smoke and mirrors marketing video though.

        1. How would that be any different than chevy saying “look if you drop this pointed box just right into a ford it makes a hole but it only dents ours?” ALL manufactures do it then put fine print on the bottom of the screen. I agree with you. I’d like to see some sort of standard put in place so it was simplified. I think most of the claims just end up being fodder for people to trash talk and don’t actually mean anything anyways.

      2. Only morons drop things, rocks and blocks, in their truck. Besides, this is a 1/2 ton comfort grocery getter truck. You want tougher get a 1 ton. Common sense people

        1. You fucking dumb ass so what your saying is because you own a 1/2 ton it’s only good for grocery shopping

      3. Thank you, I’m really surprised how low GM going with these commercials comparing Ford’s aluminum bodies to GM steel bodies. It’s already been uncovered that the commercial they’re talking about in this article was faked, and staged to unnecessarily make the Ford truck look bad purposely by what they did, and doctored got the pictures and video to make it look like what they were saying was true. They were actors, every GM commercial made like this is always done by actors it’s been proven, the Chevrolet truck was also punctured by the toolbox then the video was edited to make it look like it wasn’t. Every Ford dealership is required to have all the required tooling and equipment to repair the aluminum bodies with certified mechanics making it no more expensive to fix the aluminum bodies unlike what GM has said. Im really surprised because GM is going to also go this route in order to get better fuel economy that’s a fact, and these commercials are going to come back and bite them in the ass.

      4. I can’t stand the way chevy had to make do many negative ads. Seems they are the worst brand for doing that. It reminds me very much of the harley blind loyalty “if it isn’t ours then it must be crap” mentality. I also feel like ford puts more effort into new technology and chevy kind of waits to see what works then builds their version of it. I like the look of the new trucks from ford chevy and even dodge. I can’t believe the power ford is getting from the eco boost engines though I worry about reliability with the direct injection. Chevy built a good engine in the 60s through the 90s, now is time to catch up though, pushrods (yes I know they aren’t the only ones still building pushrod engines) are getting quite dated. It’ll be interesting to see if chevy’s new transmissions are as problematic as the 4l60e’s were.

    1. Nice and all true. Except when it jumped that hill they destroyed the front bumper and then cut the camera and aftermath of the damage done. I hate low front bumpers. Fuck I really hate them.

      1. I’m glad you won’t sacrifice your family’s safety.what about last model of ford truck it wasn’t as safe as this chevy.So you must of owned a chevy since safety is number one fan boy. Also ford turbo engine when tested in wild always get outdone by chevy in gas mileage. When I go car shopping next I am buying safest car no matter what😏

      1. But that is not the point of the test. They did the “rock drop test” to show that the bed itself, without any bed liner assistance, could withstand the rocks wile the Ford’s bed had holes punctured into it. Not everyone gets a bed liner,

        1. And how often did gym do the test before achieving the results they were looking for?? You weren’t there, neither was I but i can tell you it wasn’t the first try. I bet the fm truck failed sometimes to and a new gym truck was added. You don’t take these advertisements done by a competitor for gospel and then say “hey, based on that ad, I’m going to go spend $50k on the gm”. If you do….I feel bad for you!

          1. GM provided all the test methodology information on their website.


            They performed the landscaping block test 12 times. The GM bed didn’t receive any punctures during the any of the drops. The F150 had a total of 52 punctures.

            They performed the toolbox drop 14 times as well. The GM had two pinhole dimples they considered punctures. The F-150 had 13 punctures.

            They even give information such as the brand, model, and weight of the toolbox and how many times they used the same set of landscaping blocks before replacing them (used 4 times, then replaced for new blocks).

        2. If you buy a Titan you get a bedliner. Spending 400 bucks on a liner that completely mitigates that problem is a cheap fix……we as a consumer shouldn’t have to spend that money but that’s just the way it goes unless you wanna wait for Ford to make bedliners mandatory in all their trucks.

      2. But that is not the point of the test. They did the “rock drop test” to show that the bed itself, without any bed liner assistance, could withstand the rocks wile the Ford’s bed had holes punctured into it. Not everyone gets a bed liner.

      3. Wonder how the rest of the aluminum body does under similar hits? Gonna spray your whole truck with bed liner? Bed is SUPPOSED to be the toughest panel on the rig……hmmmm……

    2. I love it, but if the writers would do a bit of research…they would have noticed that Ford put this on Youtube on May 5th…just a wee bit before this whole fracas started.

    3. Simple bed liner won’t make the GM truck safer, won’t stop it from rusting, and most of all won’t stop the truck from doing the Chevy shake!

      1. I take it you are a engineer, explain chevy shake , you guys with this safety bullshitt , when chevy does there next model change they will be safer .Just like two years ago when chevy was the safest,If u like ford better that’s fine don’t be throwing this safety bullshit around u sound like a commerical.

        1. Lmao the only bullshit is GMs commercials. I like all trucks but GM has the most bullshit ads. I am not clogging this with discussing the “chevy shake” if you want to know Google it you will find out real quick its not a secret. That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard “oh when the new model comes out it will be safer”. Nah man because the last generation Ford was just as safe as the current GM truck. Ford has been the Safer truck for more than several years. Do some research. Nothing I said was bullshit you are just mad for some reason. Peace.

          1. What if you are one of the Thousands that has an extended cab F150 prior to the Fix for this year? Why did Ford intentionally NOT build the ext cab with the same safety as the Crew cab last year? It took a crash test to make them change…..a bit disconcerting don’t you think? I wonder if they are buying those back from customers and apologizing or giving them new ones or upgrading theirs?

            As I mentioned before ….if the bed is impacted this way, what happens to other body panels when encountering semi sharp objects at 30+ joules of energy? Don’t forget that aluminum IS much more expensive to fix and replace regardless of what Ford is trying to make everyone believe.

            1. Did GM buy back any of the exploding trucks years ago? You know the ones with the fuel tanks OUTSIDE the frame rails. If I remember right they paid a bunch of money to dodge the issue.

    4. 1 whole year worth of trying exploit the Ford and all GM could come up with was an extreme use of bed test without a liner. That tells me everything I need to know. Great job Ford it’s not easy being on top. Mean while GM is trying learn all they can to make their truck better.

      1. Well, GM made their trucks at the very least, better than Ford made the 2015+ F150’s. After all, they not only swept the Texas Truck Showdown on pickuptrucks, they have a bed that doesn’t tear like toilet paper.

      2. GM sells more pick ups, (Chevy/GMC) than Ford every single year and has done for decades. That speaks volumes. Oh, and to the Ford kool-aid drinkers, yes Ford sells more than the Chevy brand alone, and Ford sells more than the GMC brand alone, but the Chevy/GMC are essentially the same truck, just with different trim levels, so what do all those GM buyers know that Ford buyers don’t? GM has always built a better, more reliable pick up than Ford. On a positive note, I’ll give the Ford lovers credit for not buying a Titan or Tundra.

    5. There is no such thing as military grade aluminum. So it’s aluminum that the military also uses? In what, lunch trays? No tank or hummer is made of aluminum.

      Want to know what is military grade? The Duramax diesel, since it’s in every military Hummer and the Hummers new replacement.

      It’s extremely ironic that Ford claims military grade anything when most light duty military vehicles are powered by a GM engine.

      1. You’ve lost your mind. Every Hummer uses the gutless, antiquated, and actually pretty poorly designed GM 6.2 or 6.5L Diesel engine. The new Oshkosh JLTV replacements will indeed use the much better 6.6L Duramax.

        By the way, most of the Hummers body is indeed aluminum…for lighter weight and corrosion resistance. Sound familiar?

          1. Duramax is made by D-max which is owned by GM (60%) and Isuzu (40%).
            Btw Isuzu makes the best Diesel engines in its class!

        1. So you confirm that Military vehicles use a GM engine, but I’ve lost my mind.


          GM HD trucks, military grade Duramax diesels. Got it.

          1. Your claim was that all the military Hummers used the Duramax. I said they used the pre-Duramax engine which was poor. But yes, a GM engine. In fact, the only Hummer H1 which used a Duramax was the rare Alpha 1, made only in 2006, I think.

            GM or its subsidiaries have indeed produced many engines for our war machines…in fact, they have made many of the vehicles themselves. Of course, Ford and Chrysler have also produced many military vehicles as well. You see lots of Jeep commercials showing early WW2 Jeeps and Jeep trying very hard to make the consumer think Jeep won the war for the Allies. Of course, Ford actually built most of the Willys Jeeps at the Rouge plant because Willys didn’t have the capacity. Chrysler did make tank transmissions and engines. Ford built some tanks as well. But the military does actually use a lot of aluminum.

            1. Not to mention the Hummvees broke down so much the military routinely had to cut up NEW vehicles to provide troops with parts to keep service vehicles going because they couldn’t get spare parts fast enough.

      2. Lmao really guy? Just about every HUMVEE ever made is from aluminum. Dude, like research something before you talk please.

      3. BTW High strength steel doesn’t mean anything either. Its not like when you say high strength steel you speak for an exact steel and engineering use. Its very generic just about as generic as Military grade.

        1. High strength steel IS exactly that. Common steel is used for most steel components but for bearings, races, impact and abrasion resistance it is high strength steel- hardox, at, tungsten, steel alloys. Big difference than common or structural steels.

    6. No doubt GM is trying to build a better beer can truck. Anyone who buys an aluminum truck because they think aluminum doesn’t rust is in for a rude awakening. Aluminum does rust unless it is treated with a rust inhibiter. It also fatigues like all metals do and if you live in an area where roads get a mixture of salt and sand in the winter your aluminum truck will be sand blasted out from under you if it isn’t properly treated.

      1. Aluminum does NOT rust. Galvanic corrosion can occur where dissimilar metals touch. The F150 has all of the aluminum isolated from other metals such as in the frame.

        Do you think Ford is stupid when it comes to aluminum? Do you think they didn’t do their homework? They teamed up with one of the largest and leading aluminum suppliers in the world to supply them. I’m sure advice was given. Millions of test miles. Years of experience with aluminum bodies from Jaguar and Land Rover, which Ford owns for many years.

        These trucks are not going to rust out from salt like all the steel trucks do.

        1. Aluminum doesn’t rust, but it does corrode. Imagine carrying a JOBOX or metal truck tool box in your aluminum ford? Or a ladder rack fully loaded and put many miles on dirt roads, it won’t be too long before your bed cracks.

          1. Not going to happen. Raw aluminum won’t rust, but Ford, like any other automaker building a body from aluminum, performs several coatings, then primer and paint as usual. The electrolytic coating process means that even if the paint is scraped off, the coating remains. Most truck boxes are aluminum or stainless anyway. These trucks have been tested extensively off road with ladder racks already. They hold up fine. You guys should go check out a new F-150. The aluminum actually feels much more rigid than the steel truck did. You can’t push on it and get the steel to flex like you used to on the steel truck. The beds are quite rigid.

            1. Everything wears out! Galvanized steel is also treated but it doesn’t last forever. My point is still valid, if your aluminum bed does not have some sort of liner, and you constantly carry a JOBOX around, it will eventually corrode your bed. Ford did tests but they didn’t test them too long. It’s a fact that steel is stronger then aluminum and doesn’t crack as fast, and yet I see trucks with heavy ladder racks that have cracked the steel bed, I just wonder what would it do to aluminum bed.

        2. “Do you think Ford is stupid when it comes to aluminum? Do you think they didn’t do their homework? “…..uh have you seen this vid with them dropping semi sharp objects into the bed at only 30 joules of energy (vs over 90 for the steel)…..apparently they didnt or this would not be such a big deal.

          Wonder how the other panels react to similar impacts?

          1. Shriker,

            You’re right, after one year of use all the new aluminum F-150’s will have beds full of holes and body panels all dented with too high of repair costs to fix. Trucks will not be able to pass state inspections because they have too many holes in them. Resale values will plummet, and only 1 in a thousand will by a new, heavily discounted F-150. By 2018, Ford will probably only sell 300 new trucks. Ford will have to file for bankruptcy.

        3. “Do you think Ford is stupid when it comes to aluminum? Do you think they didn’t do their homework?”
          They don’t exactly have a good track record from previous model year Explorers and aluminum.

          2000-2007 Ford vehicles with aluminum hoods had major paint adhesion and corrosion. So much so that there were lawsuits.

          Yet even 6 years later, Ford vehicles still had issues with paint adhesion and galvanic corrosion of the aluminum hood.

          So it’s been an ongoing issue for Ford since at least 2000, but we’re supposed to believe they just now solved the issue?

    7. I think the ad of the dangling key chain is a subtle hint about GM ignition switch engineering safety.

      GMs ad about the bed is classless. Ford does a better job simply touting what is better about their truck.

        1. TFL commented the significance of the keyed ignition was because GM is the only truck maker not to offer push-button start – so the ignition switch shot is a double entendre. Relax, we can’t all be as smart as you.

          1. Well to be honest, GM could have shown the Ford on fire but it’s hard to be subtle when pointing out Ford’s proud legacy of selling vehicles that catch fire for a multitude of reasons. Maybe GM should poke fun at Ford’s multi-year brake booster failure… the one they didn’t do anything about and continues to put lives in danger on 2015+ EB F150s…. naw, just stick to pointing out the “Ford Tough” bed. No need to get personal.

    8. Ford ain’t stupid , but they cut corners by using thin shit for the bed , possibly all around the truck ,save $$$,you get what you pay for , but if aluminum was that good why isn’t ford using it for the frames ? Oh I forgot there using steel frames!

      1. Its stronger than the out going steel bed from Ford. How do you figure they cut corners. If I found something to puncture the bed of a GM truck would that mean they cut corners too? Fords research told them they made the bed strong enough for more than 99% of customers. Previous steel beds of the past and maybe even current steel competitors are weaker.

      2. Ford did not cut corners. You anti-aluminum folks are simply not bright enough to realize that an aluminum body and bed pickup truck is an absolute bargain at current pricing. Why do you suppose in the past only high performance or luxury cars were made of aluminum, such as the Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, etc? Because they were cutting corners and charging you more? Or because there was actually an advantage?

        The only reason why the new F-150 does not have an even nicer interior is because Ford spent a ton of money on the aluminum. It will help the truck meet future EPA goals, and it gives you better payload and towing and rust resistance. The aluminum body is very rigid. The bed is nice. And you’ll find GM and RAM will follow suit. It is already confirmed GM is investing big money for their next generation aluminum Silverado / Sierra. So all this anti-aluminum marketing from GM is nothing more than baloney trying to sell current steel trucks now to fools like you guys who buy into it.

    9. And in future news Chevy trucks with $8,000 rebates sales go up 2.2% in July. Ford sales with same old rebate they have now are now up 5% in July.

    10. I spoke with a few agents with the border patrol down here in southern AZ a few months ago. They said that the Ford is the truck of choice, especially the raptor, because the Chevy’s can’t hold up to the abuse of running through the desert. But it should be said that very few people abuse their trucks like they do. Just like very few people would drop a load of landscape blocks in the bed of their truck from 5ft in the air. In my opinion, both companies make a great truck. I had my Chevy for 8 years and traded it in recently for an f150. Mostly because I couldn’t stand the looks of the gm trucks of late. But I can say that both companies make awesome trucks.

    11. Should be interesting when GM goes to aluminum trucks too….again they bash but will look pretty foolish in the future…that said, Ford does need to address their bed, in my case that is automatic from delivery, bedliner.

      1. When chevy introduced 2014 model they used more aluminion than anybody at that point . So yes chevy will go beer can ,hopely not in the bed. I believe ford is more a cutting edge truck . I also believe chevy is more of the traditionalist,why change a good thing with pushrod v8 , I don’t buy a truck to have the fanciest , most complicated piece of equipment. That’s why I buy the traditionalist .

        1. I hear you, and your points are valid. I think if you drove the EcoBoost trucks, even the tiny 2.7L, you’d be pretty impressed with everything except the sound. The GM V8’s sound great. The problem they have, though, is that a rumbling 5.3L V8 gets it’s butt kicked at the stoplight by a 2.7L V6 Ford. Even the mighty GM 6.2L can only run neck and neck with the Ford 3.5L V6 – and I love the GM 6.2L. In some ways Chevy is traditional – but in other ways they are different. They are the only HD truck to offer IFS – while many ‘traditionalists’ prefer the solid front axles of the Ford Super Duty or RAM HD trucks.

          1. I have a 5.3 that will outlast the minivan engines with turbos in the fords , I can slap on a turbo or 2 and make easy 400hp and 500 ft lb of tq Gm built the 5.3 with decent power and dependability mine has over 300k how many ecoboost have done that ?silence ..without the turbos on ecoboost they would produce maybe 250 hp and 300 tq maybe…be real guys it’s still an experiment and your the Guinea pigs .,these 1/2 tons weren’t designed to be race cars but to be all around , haul family and gear , if I want to go fast I would go corvette or a Ferrari not a 2.7 Eco boost minivan engine, be real ., but I do hope everyone goes aluminum so we can start recycling . More beer and soda cans and put to good use..rather than land fill..

            1. A Meza

              Minivan engine again? The 2.7L has a CGI block, same as the Powerstroke. I’m not dissing the GM engines. I’ve seen the 6.0L workhorse engines go 350k in a friends truck before the transmission failed, not the engine. That’s terrific service. If you installed turbos on a GM V8, the engine wouldn’t hold up. The reason is because those engines were not designed for turbos. Turbos effectively raise cylinder pressures drastically compared to a naturally aspirated engine. A gas V8, GM, Ford, whatever, would quickly blow head gaskets, crack engine blocks, bend connecting rods, etc with any kind of significant boost added over a period of time. But the Ford engines were designed for it from the start with stronger blocks, cranks, con rods, bearings, etc to last a long period of time under the extra stress. So what is the issue? The 2.7L holds 6 quarts of oil – that’s a ton for a 2.7L. Nobody blinks twice when diesel engine longevity is discussed. But of course, a diesel engine is highly turbocharged and highly stressed. The engines and components are built to handle that stress and therefore last a long time. So if you build a gas engine like a diesel, why should it not last a long time? The EcoBoost has only been out since 2010, and some of them do have 200k on them or more. I see no reason not to get 200 or more thousand miles from these engines.

              I have two 2016 Ford pickups in my family – an F-150 2.7L and an F-350 6.7L. We also have a third car, a 2010 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost 3.5L. The Lincoln was the very earliest application of the EcoBoost engine. After 6 years, it is still a rocket and has had zero engine or transmission issues. The only thing that failed is the rear window power shade. The F-150 has effortless power. It does not sound great, but will shred the tires upon demand. The Powerstroke truck is about what you’d expect for 440HP and 860lb-ft.

            2. Still too many timing chain failures on the 3.5 EB. The F150 Ecoboost forums are flooded with guys with the issue. It’s an expensive fix (up to $2k) and typically doesn’t crop up until after the 60k mile warranty. Hopefully Ford will have a better timing chain & cam phaser for the 2017 Raptor.

    12. They will go aluminum. Crow can be hard to eat. Just ask Joe, or should I say johnny doe or sierra, or Michigan bob. Give it up johnny. Showing your stupidity on one site is bad enough.

      1. They already have aluminum parts, like the hood. Do how does that crow taste?

        The problem isn’t aluminum, it’s using it in areas that it shouldn’t be used in. Aluminum is better in some areas, high strength steel in some, composite in some. Use the right material for the job.

        Some of you have such a two dimensional thought process.

        1. Wow just because GM got the Ford bed to fail doesn’t mean Aluminum cannot be used in the bed of a truck. Ford could easily make their bed stronger. That had announced at the debut of the 2017 Superduty that it would get a stronger bed than F150. Still made from aluminum.

          1. The question is, if Ford can make the bed stronger while, why didn’t they in the first place? The aluminum sheetmetal shouldn’t be so thin that it tears when a toolbox falls on it. Surely Ford knew the thickness their engineers specified for the bed would be thin enough to tear as GM demonstrated. They could have easily thickened the metal there or reinforced it. At the very least, knowing how easily it could tear, they could have made a spray-in bed liner a standard feature.

    13. Keifa , you forget , it’s freedom of speech , last time someone responded to you , you were crying your ass off , don’t dish it out if you can’t handle it ..At the end of the day both companies bash each other , just good healthy competion ..

    14. Don’t remember crying about anything my friend. And my comment was not directed at you, or was it??

      1. Don’t get your panties in a bunch , were commenting on trucks , if you can’t handle it don’t dish it out..

        1. I don’t know what you are talking about. Seems like the only one here that wears panty’s is you. Never said anything to you or about you so the best thing you can do, whoever you are or what ever you are is to just Shut the F#@$ up.

          1. Sorry ma’am you might need a Ford f450 tow truck to pull out those pink undies ,don’t talk shit if you can’t hack it , ok back to truck topics..

    15. I thought ford did a similar bed test when they came out with the aluminum and just like gm it showed there beds were stronger than the prev. 150 and the gm steel beds they all lie it what they do to sell us there crap. well if the duramax is military grade because it is in the hummer and hummer replacement that is scary because that could apply to the biggest pos diesel gm made the 6.5 it was in the hummers first. guess that means military grade does not mean a whole lot these days.

      1. Ford only showed that the alloy bed was stronger than their out going model which it is. They never compared to anyone else. If the previous Ford bed was strong enough lets not freak out and think the new stronger alloy bed is crap.

    16. I am not a brand-loyal guy and i don’t “stand by my team” in the chest-thumping debates. However i have owned three Ford trucks and really liked them. Those Chevy ads are very effective. They really have me questioning whether or not I could by a new Ford. Ford needs to come out and address this head on, not with silence, because it has sown a lot of doubt in a this truck-shoppers mind.

      1. I agree these Chevy ads are effective – they are disconcerting. Trucks are about being super tough. This ad makes you think.

        But remember one thing – Chevy used the “high strength steel cage” and “aluminum” cage with the 700-lb bear commercials not too long ago. The people in the ad felt how “flimsy” the aluminum cage was. Then they ran to the steel cage when the bear came out. But then the IIHS and NHTSA crash test results came out…and in real life, it turned out that the “aluminum cage” was safer after all. That ad has quietly disappeared.

        GM has a history of insulting Ford designs – the V6 turbos, the “man step,” the aluminum body, aluminum bed, and Super Duty frames. I don’t recall Ford directly attacking GM in a TV ad. In the meantime, Ford continues to outsell GM across the board…because they are inferior?

        1. The insults go back and forth over the years , it’s just competition , remember fords commercial with a Silverado work truck sinks like a rock in the water? Who cares it’s just friendly back and forth , they both make a lot money regardless..if ford really thought highly of there military aluminum , why don’t they use it in the frame ? Be real , there using steel frames last time I checked..they should be more worried about making sure there brakes are going to work , or else you might be forced to confirm the 5 star rating..

          1. GM insults Ford 10:1 by way of comparison. An aluminum truck frame would not be practical because of cost vs benefit. The body is a much bigger weight-loss area, and the aluminum body panels can be made more cheaply than an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame would need to be extruded, reinforced, and very thick with complex manufacturing areas. There would be minimal benefit to the consumer compared to the aluminum cab / bed design for the additional cost.

    17. Don’t forget Bradley’s and hummers use aluminum armor. And pound for pound aluminum Is stronger

    18. I am entertained of how many people think because GM poked holes in Fords bed that aluminum is fail. GM hit it big they realize how many morons are out there and would buy into this big time. GMs bed is stronger good on them for that, but it isn’t without compromise. Fords bed is weaker but is only a problem for those extremely hard users without bedliners. Alluminum also brings many benefits as discussed above. Ford says the number of people having problems with their beds is less than 1% of all the aluminum F150s sold. Is there any open minded people here or just brand loyalists. Now we just need some people with some money to do this on all half tons and see what happens. Furthermore if Ford thinks this is an issue they can easily make it thicker or layer it with another composite material or even take the easy route and supply bedliners. Either way you are very closed minded if you think this is the end all for aluminum and that it shouldn’t be used in a truck bed. P.S. I own a RAM and my bed dented very easily before linex. My 2015 F150 got linex’d shortly after purchase. None of the trucks I have ever owned have I been stupid enough to have something like landscape blocks dropped in from that high especially without bed protection. One last thing GM pick apart the F150 for over a year and other than bear cages and repair costs this is all they could come up with. If thats what they have to do to sell trucks whatever. Many more customers are effected by GM trucks shaking than any brand poking holes in their beds. I’ve owned all truck brands and would still drive them all. Peace!

    19. the ford body panels dent worse than the old steel truck according to the paint less dent repair guys I have spoken too. I read where hail will pound the shit out of the aluminum trucks compared to the old steel.

      1. @Kyle – that’s simply not true. Ford has stated the aluminum is more dent resistant than their previous steel design. Go to a ford dealer and look at the used 2009-2014 generation F-150’s. Give the door sides, bed sides, etc a little push. Feel how they have quite a bit of give to them. Its just sheet metal, after all. Now go push on a 2015 or ’16 F-150 in the same places. The aluminum has virtually no give to it at all. Very rigid. Using common sense, the more rigid panel will be more dent resistant. As for hail storms, what areas are the most susceptible? The roof and the hood. Well, the previous-gen F-150 already had an aluminum hood, as do the current GM trucks. So nothing will change there.

        1. Yea my 2014 ram bed side pushes in when I leaned against it to lift something from the inside of the bed and it’s steel. Our 2015 F150 doesn’t do that.

    20. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I have to agree with the commercial’s insinuation. It’s 2016, why don’t ALL cars and trucks have push button start? My 2008 Nissan Altima had it. It’s not new tech nor can it be that expensive to add. Especially to a $45,000+ truck.

    21. It always surprises me when people seem to take things like this or that so seriously or even worse personally. Both companies make a pretty good and solid product, and the advertisements are just diversions trying to make everyone notice the minutiae.

      Steel rusts, Aluminum oxidizes.
      Steel rust is red.

      Aluminum oxide is that white powder that dulls the shine.

      You can get aluminum oxide off and restore a pretty surface with an acid wash (the same way you paint aluminum, because it too darn hard to pain aluminum oxide,) though aluminum oxide itself if a pretty damn tough protective barrier against oxiditive materials.

      High strength ( high carbon / molybdenum) galvaneeled steel rusts and it rusts orange like it always had, its somewhat more acid resistant though but alkali and other reactive metals find it quite easy to strip iron of electrons and thereby exposing it to oxidation as well.

      Both companies are building everything as thin as they can to save weight since mass makes not only regulatory metrics harder to achieve it also complicates achieving the quantitative desired metrics they want to publish and advertise with.

      None of that matters because neither company is building out of aluminum or steel. They are both using alloys which they spent a great deal of time and effort to develop, and neither of them is averse to using any mixture of any available metals as long as they can find people who believe and will fight for magic towing dust and the superiority of preternatural wizard stock chassis and body panels imbued with military might to thunderbolts that will turn average humans in to virile and comely conquerors of bedroom mates as well as roads.

      Take it for what it is, its fun and funny and enjoy it. Stand up comedians are funny, entertaining human beings, but please take the marriage advice they give out with a grain of salt. Just the commercials.

      There is nothing wrong with having a favorite or liking something better or even believing in the belief of a shared vision between an individual and a company, but there always needs to be some rational dispassionate distance between a mind and the things one is sold. As humans we are social creatures who love to help one an other… we want to spread knowledge and good news as well as good tools throughout the world out of some instinct to share what is good and helpful. It is one of the tenets of humanity and civilization that we champion what think is best.

      Advertising is an extension of that, or maybe even a perversion (beyond the scope of any forum post.) Lets just leave it at – They ain’t giving them away.

      They both make some pretty decent trucks, you can’t go too wrong (statistically) with either one of them. I for one am quite curious to see what they’ll do next.

    22. The bottom line is this. I’m sorry but gas V6 turbo motors are problematic period. They’re as complex as a luxury German car. I will never own another German car. Been there done that, and they are maintenance nightmares. Aluminum bodies are good in theory, but in the real world they’re brittle and expensive to repair, and that’s if you can find a body shop that is certified in repairing aluminum vehicles. It’s tough to find body shops that are, believe me my ex brother in law owns a collision center and he’s having a hell of a time finding people who are certified to work on aluminum. If you do certified insurance work to repair fender benders, you have to be certified. Consequently he’s always been a Chevy guy. They’ve always been the easier to work on truck, and that even goes for mechanic work. Ford is spinning this, and they continue to do what the government mandates. What the government mandates is going to destroy the pickup truck of the future. There comes a point where you can’t shed anymore weight without sacrificing performance. There comes a point when you can’t make a vehicle get better gas mileage by down sizing displacement. These ecoboost motors don’t get better gas mileage when your foot is in the gas pedal. Their real world performance is flawed.

      1. Ah to live in the past. A model T doesn’t get as much damage in a five mile an hour crash as a new car does, but the driver would probably have serious injuries. Cars used to have carbs, now we have direct injection turbo charged engines delivering three times the horse power, much better torque curves, and increased fuel mileage. And what happens to a chevy when you get in to it, yep bad fuel mileage. But what do I know? Signed, ____Nationaly Certified MASTER MECHANIC since 1974. And I repair all makes and models.

    23. Vehicle safety ratings are the last thing I look at when purchasing a truck. I simply don’t care about that, because the safer they make it the more expensive it is to repair.

      1. Not to mention all modern vehicles sold in the US are extremely safe. As long as a vehicle passes, I’m alright with it.

    24. Come on man.
      Don’t take it that far, this isn’t the FOX News forum. Keep it civil, and leave the hate and drama for some other place.

    25. Ford should bring back the ad where the ford carries so many chevys in back and tows so many more and up it by having gmc chevy dodge and toyota in back

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