Check Out This Rare and Customized Jeep FC170 Pickup Truck!

FC170 Jeep side
One of the reasons we go bonkers over the Jeep FC170 Truck and other Jeep Forward Control (FC) trucks is that the platform is so utilitarian. They were the work-horses of the military, agriculture, rescue, deliveries and so-on. The Jeep FC170 was among several variants that were built in the United States, India and Spain.

FC170 Jeep front
This Jeep FC170 is powered by either a “Hurricane” F-head or L-head 4-cylinder engine. The underpinnings are derived from the Jeep CJ5 (among other Jeep vehicles). There was even a version that had a three-cylinder, supercharged, TWO-STROKE diesel! How cool is that? Honestly, it sounded like a motorcycle and smoked profusely.

FC170 Jeep int
Collector prices for various Jeep FC models are beginning to rise, but they are still pretty reasonable and very unique.

Here’s the sales pitch from the Denver Craig’s list entry: “Restored! Open to trades, Great for those cold snowy icy days as your coffee shop Cruzer!┬áHang with your buddy’s and there high dollar Mercedes, Mustang, Chevy, Corvette Jaguars, Studabaker, Porsche, old Classic Dodge off road hot rods and 4×4’s or truck and enjoy the coffee.┬áThis Willys is in the High Dry Desert of the SW.”
FC170 Jeep wheel
This FC is located in Albuquerque, NM and the seller is currently asking $18,500.

FC170 Jeep front

We have had some great experiences with the Jeep FC including this one which is a favorite of the head of Jeep Design!

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