• 2017 Ford Super Duty Online Configurator: F-450 Platinum Maxes Out at $88,605

    2017 ford super duty f-450 platinum dually price
    2017 Ford F-450 Platinum

    The 2017 Ford Super Duty is ever so close to arriving at your local dealer. The dealer order guide has been open for a couple of weeks. You should be able to order a 2017 truck now. However, some details about the fully redesigned truck are still unknown. Ford has not officially released the maximum payload and towing capacities for the new heavy duty truck lineup. The power ratings for the 6.2-liter gas V8 and the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel V8 are still a mystery.

    Many questions are floating around about the new Super Duty. Will the next version of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine produce over 900 lb-ft of torque. Will the truck have class leading maximum payload and towing rating numbers? Will it be the first consumer-focused heavy duty truck to break into the $90,000 range?


    We can get a little closer to the answers with the 2017 Super Duty Online Configurator that was recently leaked. The pricing appears inline with an earlier report that put the starting price for a Super Duty regular cab 4×2 XL model at $33,730 with destination charges.

    Can this truck break the $90,000 price point? I spent a fair chunk of time with the configurator adding every conceivable option to a 2017 Ford F-450 Platinum 4×4 and the highest price I could come up with was $88,605. This is nearly $10,000 more than a fully loaded 2016 F-450 Platinum 4×4. Ford continues to market the F-450 alongside the F-350 trucks.


    So how much is a popular configuration of the new truck? A 2017 F-250 Super Crew 4×4 XLT model with the Power Stroke diesel is a much more reasonable $54,020.

    The leaked configurator does not appear to show correct max payload or towing ratings. The maximum payload is listed at 14,500 lbs. However, this is over seven tons of weight, which is nearly double the rating of a comparable 2016 truck. We will let you know when we get new information and specifications.

    Get more details about the 2017 Ford Super Duty in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    23 thoughts on “2017 Ford Super Duty Online Configurator: F-450 Platinum Maxes Out at $88,605

    1. Holy that’s expensive…..by the time that truck gets to Canada it will be over 100,000$…….😮

      I remember when we were buying deisel lariats in the 90’s for 40,000$

      I have to say that these manufacturers have us by the balls because always “needing the new” makes us do whatever it takes to get these vehicles, people will even take 9 year financing options that have high financing rates. Ford credit makes a lot of money just from the interest rates…..it would be something to see the actual material costs of these trucks before labor and than the labor costs and than the mark up for profit from the manufacturer to the dealership.

      I would take a 97 mechanical powerstroke over these computerized POS.

      The new Titan has roughly the same power figures as the old diesels…..it makes me wonder that even with the emissions bullshit on them if they would fair better than the more powerful trucks as far as maintenance and reliability goes…..? The engine has to work harder at higher RPMS…..just a thought

      1. You can have your old mechanical Powerstroke. The new 6.7 is night and day nicer. They are pretty reliable as well.

        1. They are night and day different from one another and there is no comparison but the reliability on any diesel truck these days falls off the end when their exhausts plug up and your stuck going at a slow speed in the middle of no where until it completely shuts down…..

          1. The exhaust doesn’t plug up. Every so many hundred miles , a DPF Regeneration is performed. It uses more fuel during that process. Only repeated shutting the truck down before regen completes would cause the DPF to plug up. That basically doesn’t happen. I don’t love it either, but my 6.7 Powerstroke has been perfect.

            1. My 2015 duramax was great until 95000kms and than nothing but trouble now and I have no idea why, it’s been into the shop a bunch of times now and it’s left a lasting impression, especially when I had to limp it across BC to a gm dealership. It’s too bad because all three truck manufacturers have great deisel engines in my opinion but this Def fluid and regeneration cycle just kinda makes me wonder what’s the point anymore…..
              Just give me a super powerful gas engine with the drive train to back it up and I’ll pay the extra amount for fuel.

    2. So configuring an F-250 King Ranch Diesel is going to cost me right at $67,790. I think people are going to need to have “incentives” from Ford to help them move inventory off the lot.

      For the little guys these prices send a clear siginal to go find a way to get X-PLAN or A-PLAN and at least save yourself a little money.

      Also, LOL on Ford for trying to do 5.0% APR in its Calculator.

    3. OUCH!!! Although, that truck has every option known to man and then some. This is the direct result of consumer wanting more and more… Thank goodness you can option them how you like. Be interesting to see how the sell off the blocks, although I think they are going to continue to sell quite well.

    4. The top end trucks cost more but the more typical trims are about the same. Basically lots of new features were added. These are hardly the Ford trucks of a couple decades ago…more like luxury vehicles. Really, the XL and XLT trims are absolute bargains for what you get. Ford will do well with these.

    5. I will not even mention that new Hyundai Pick-Up by name as you will ignore my note.
      However, it sure would be nice if you guys, THE EXPERTS< would give us some news about it. Thanks so much

      1. Why don’t you take some initiative and search the Internet for info on them like everyone else who wants to find something out about something. Good God!

    6. If you configure and f450 king ranch you can get the price over 89k. Don’t ask me why the KR ends up slightly more expensive than the platinum but it does.

      1. “$30k overpriced especially for a Ford?”

        So you’re saying a $90k Platinum F-450 should actually be $60k? In the GM world, what does that buy you…a Tahoe? You are mostly paying for the capability: >440HP and >860lb-ft plus a chassis, suspension, and transmission designed to pull over 30k lbs. I don’t balk at the cost for the level of capability. However, some of the expensive “luxury” features are standard or optional on much, much cheaper vehicles. I don’t like having to pay a lot extra for stuff that should be standard or a cheaper option.
        You know I prefer Ford, but it is the same for an HD Sierra Denali or RAM Longhorn Limited. What’s this about “especially for a Ford?” These new Fords are really, really nice. Go try one out – all of the American truck brands have made great strides and are more on par with European luxury vehicles than ever before.

    7. so basically a new F-350 King Ranch will cost about 74k with tax in Texas about 6.5k with a grand total of 80k

    8. Who can afford 88K for a truck? Prices on these new trucks are astronomical. Ford has completely priced me out of the market for these new trucks.

    9. have over 20 f250) just orderd a new 2017 f450 plat best truck on the market for the price next to my shelby s s s

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