Ask TFLtruck: What Toyota Should I Buy to Tow an Airstream?


Once again I need your help please. Recently I received the email below from Molly asking what’s the best truck to buy to tow an Airstream:

Hey there, Roman:

I found your videos and your website.  Whoa, how interesting.  I am looking at purchasing an Airstream.  I have not decided on which model to get yet, because I will also have to get a new car/truck to tow it.  I will be turning in my Prius for this adventure.

I am widowed, 65 and looking for an adventure without a lot of hassles.  Here are the Airstream models I am looking at:

Flying Cloud: 19′ with GVWR of 4500

Flying Cloud: 20′ with GVWR of 5000

Flying Cloud: 23′ with GVWR of 6000

I am looking at the Toyota 4Runner, (5000 Towing Capacity) the Toyota Tacoma (up to 6,800) and the Toyota Tundra (up to 10,000) as the towing vehicle of choice, primarily because I have always owned a Toyota, have a great relationship with my local dealer and this will also be my driving around town car.  Please help me decide.  I am concerned about towing capacity in that Airstream recommended 10-15% extra capacity on the towing vehicle compared to the GVWR.  I figure I am screwed on MPG regardless.  Just want the best performing vehicle.  I am not rich…but want to see the world.


I’m leaning toward advising Molly to purchase a Toyota Tacoma as it is the middle of the road choice. The Tacoma is powerful enough to tow, yet small enough to easily park. However I’m not sure a Taco can easily haul a 23 foot Airstream with all of her stuff inside the truck and the Airstream. To be honest I’ve never towed an Airstream so I don’t know how easily (or not)it will tow an Airstream. Would you please be so kind and help me and Molly out in the comments below with you suggestions?


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