• Trump Plans to Use the 2017 Ford Raptor as Presidential Limousine – “Raptor One” [News]

    Ford Raptor

    Considering Donald Trump’s recent string of outlandish remarks on topics including immigration, foreign policy, and the world economy, his latest plan is pretty tame by comparison. Trump has gone on record saying that if he’s elected president, the presidential limousine will no longer be a vehicle based on a General Motors platform – The Beast. He plans to incorporate the next-generation Ford Raptor with its twin turbocharged V6 as a symbol of American engineering, gumption, and just plain badass-ness.

    “GM has had a monopoly on the presidential motorcade for way too long. The lack of competition is un-American and it’s time for a change,” said Trump. “That is why, when I become president, the Ford Raptor will be my official presidential state car. It’s going to be unstoppable, it will impress everyone who sees me coming down the road. My motorcade will be the greatest motorcade the world has ever seen. Oh, and you want to know something else? The presidential Raptor will have a big American flag painted right on roof, so you don’t forget what we’re all about. It’s time to make this country great again, and the Ford Raptor is the perfect vehicle for that.”

    Barack Obama’s limo – “The Beast”

    After some research, we could not determine if the president gets a say in his presidential state car, but the new Raptor would certainly get people’s attention. All of the details have not yet been released. Will the “Raptor One” be powered by the same twin turbo V6 as the upcoming 2017 Raptor? Will it use the new 10-speed automatic transmission?

    Maybe Trump is on to something after all… The next generation of the 2017 Raptor will utilize a heavier frame and beefed up suspension components. With some modification, this platform should be able to handle heavy armor and other equipment required to keep the POTUS secure. If a quick off-road getaway is needed to save the next president, the Raptor would do the job nicely.

    For a glimpse of what might become known as “Raptor One”, check out video of the 2017 Raptor below.

    Brian Waring
    Brian Waring
    Brian is an engineer by trade but his true passion is anything automotive. He wakes up every morning to search the web for the latest industry news. He enjoys taking his Tacoma 4×4 off-road in the mountains of Colorado where he spends his free time hiking, biking, and snowboarding with his wife and dogs near their Rocky Mountain home.

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    27 thoughts on “Trump Plans to Use the 2017 Ford Raptor as Presidential Limousine – “Raptor One” [News]

      1. Well, actually its a medium-duty GM truck (no longer made) like a Kodiak or Topkick (4500 or 5500). It’s not even a “Cadillac body” but rather an entirely custom body with a Caddy nose and tail grafted on to make it look that way. It really is quite a beast; it may be diesel powered and may be 4WD.

        That said, and April Fool’s aside, I do think GM has held this monopoly too long and a non-GM manufacturer would be cool. Maybe the new Lincoln Continental stretched over the new Super Duty platform? After all, the “Cadillac body” seen here is also a FWD design, not that it matters on the truck platform.

    1. Good for Trump, this is the kind of president we need a pickup driving American. By the way I don’t think Trumps statesments where outlandish by any means. He is not a racist and I know Mexicans that are voting for him. The media is out to get him as well as the establishment because they can’t control him like they can the others.

      1. Bush famously drove pickups on his ranch, including chauffeuring Merkel, Putin, Blair, and others in his Super Duty. I thought that was awesome compared to Obama who probably hasn’t driven in years.

    2. I love it, maybe Ford will be inspired to put the big Coyote V8 in there with an Eco-Boost.

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    4. Good luck if Trump is elected , he has some good ideas, but for the most part he is a loose cannon, and ford would not be the choice since he’s always bashing ford motor co.Cadillacs are usually the choice since they are Americas top brand and more dependable. He is not a racist but only likes rich people and wants the poor vote , you really think he would shake an average person hand , good luck !!

      1. Cadillac is more reliable than Ford? Since when? Cadillacs are good vehicles, but so are Fords. The presidential limo has been portrayed as a Cadillac since Bush, and back then Cadillac was *hardly* America’s top brand. Lincolns have also served as presidential limos many times, including during the Clinton years. Besides, the current Limo is not actually a Cadillac, but rather a GMC Topkick chassis, probably a Duramax engine, and totally custom bodywork made to look like a Cadillac.

        As for Trump, I think there is a certain gamble with him, but I’d take it for the one reason of he’s not the same old same old we always get. I think it could be refreshing. Trump is honest on his controversial views, he just comes out and says them. The others smile glibly as they lie through their teeth telling everyone what they think their voters want to hear. I can definitely see Donald shaking things up with the presidential limo and doing something completely different, if he could get away with it.

      2. AMEZA>>>>>>I believe you would be very pleasantlysurprised at just how truly friendly TRUMP is.
        Of course he would shake your hand, but unlike a typical handshake from a typical DC Politiciabn, his handshake would be heartfet, by him , and he would be glad to meet you and find out more about you.
        Sure, he wants your vote, but he also wants to deserve i, and then show you by his performance as PRESIDENT that he is
        what he claimed to be when he shook your hand….TRUST HIM.

        1. I would like to shake hands with a politician where afterwards I get all five fingers back.

    5. Troverman , really a ford in the same sentence as a Cadillac I’ve never seen a ford limo either, ford is what you get what you pay for there mediocre , a lot of vehicles are disguised differently no kidding!! Just like expedition and over glorified navigator, suburban and escalade, corvette and Cadillac xlr same chassis . Buick Verano and Cruze I can go on , but as nameplate Cadillac is our top brand in America not ford . Ford just sells because they over hype their vehicles , and people are to gullible I’ve owned and sold them both , come on you’d be a fool to take a ford over a caddy. Another thing I’d rather have a duramax than power joke , 6.0 ,6.4 garbage , 6.7 it’s getting better ,none were ford engines til now.7.3 .has been the only that was ok but it puked many rear main seals, and was weak in power !transmissions are a joke even at one point ford was asking GM for Allison transmissions!! As far as Trump I think it’s pretty clear he’s been lieing through his teeth , just like anyone else , his own party despises him . He’s in it for his own personal gain for his business.Good luck with Drumpf look it up!

      1. Cadillac is NOT our top brand. The only luxury company that even “boasts” the title is Lincoln because of its history in presidency which over shadows Cadillac’s amount of time at the office 9 vehicles to 5 vehicles. The 6.7 is in it’s 3rd generation and been by Ford going on 6 years now. The new 10 speed transmissions coming out by Ford and GM were in joint-venture and they are getting pretty much the same tranny regardless of what brand you like. Lincoln is also separating its vehicles from Ford giving them completely different interior and exterior styling, unlike some others in the Luxury segment. As for brand loyalty, Ford is typically on top each year with Lincoln on top of Cadillac also,…. so I guess they just buy it because they are just gullible and actually hate what they drive.

    6. Jay if it makes you happy buy you want , get screwed by buying mediocre fords and Lincolns , that don’t hold up ! I’ve owned Lincolns and fords before and sold them ,nobody really buys Lincolns these days, half the sales staff were driving denalis tahoes and Chevy trucks home and owning them,at a ford Lincoln dealship but I personally think it would be cool to have a tesla limo , to show the world we don’t have to be so dependent in foreign oil, unless you love getting screwed by countries that hate us!

      1. Had an old bronco as a starter vehicle which was great, 2 explorers great, 95 chevy 1500 which was great, I have been screwed by a 98&03 dodge on suspension that would not stop making noises no matter how many parts replaced or lubed (both had the same issue!!!), and 08 chevy on consuming oil every 500 miles needing to add half a quart. So far my new Ford has been great going on 45k miles. We all have different experiences and so far with Ford has been the best for me. Looks like you have a different cup of tea.

    7. After watching the Subaru sti video and figuring out that is was a joke, I was pretty sure this was a joke too! But I’ll give TFLcar a thumbs up for choosing very interesting jokes! I actually believed the Subaru sti one, until the video started showing the bumpers of the car. Then I was like, that is definitely not a new car! 😀

    8. Haha you boys at TFL got me. APRIL FOOLS! Buy anyway I agree with competition on the presidential car. But as far as the motorcade the reason GM dominates it is because they are the only company that builds a 2500 or 3/4 ton large suv. Those SUVs are extremely durable and can hold up to the huge amounts of armor and other additions that are put on

    9. Will the new Raptor still have a V8 as an option? I hate how it is going to have a V6 Ecoboost engine. Sure it is going to have a higher output, but, what happened to trucks having a big and bad V8 that guzzles gas, is really loud, and it being American? I don’t know where that good times have gone. Not only does it have a V6, it has frickin paddle shifters. Since when has this become a a sports truck? Trucks in my opinion should not be technologically advanced. They should be rugged, have a big and bad engine, off road worthy, and look awesome. I like the looks of the truck, I like how it has farther suspension travel, and how it comes stock with a dual exhaust system. Those are the only things that I actually like about the truck. I am curious what the truck is going to look like as a limo. I wonder what kind of chassis and what kind of drivetrain it is going to have in it as well.

      1. I also want a V8, however trucks should still be technologically advanced in my opinion. There’s no point in making them old when they can be new with the same output 😉 .

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