Ram Yellow Rose of Texas: A Truck by Any Other Name [News]

2016 Ram Yellow Rose

Ram announced a new, Texas-only variant of its half-ton pickup. The “Yellow Rose of Texas” is, as you can see, yellow… Stinger Yellow, to be exact. It will be offered in two- or four-wheel-drive crew cab versions of the Ram 1500 Lone Star, which is also a Texas-only truck. According to a press release from Ram, the paint will be the only thing that sets this truck apart from a standard Lone Star.

“Texas is truck country – Ram Truck country – and we’re committed to building products that resonate with our customers,” said Mike Manley, Head of Ram Brand – FCA Global. “The importance of the Texas truck market cannot be overstated. That’s why the Ram Truck brand has worked year after year to deliver hard-working trucks that serve the communities across the Lone Star state.”

For music buffs, the name was derived from an American folk song made popular by Mitch Miller in 1955… keep that in mind for the next trivia night at your local watering hole.

It will be interesting to see just how well a yellow truck resonates with the men and women of Texas. If you’re in the Lone Star state, look for the Ram Yellow Rose of Texas to “bloom” (Ram’s words, not mine) next month. If you’re not in Texas, Ram would be happy to offer you the silver 1500 with the 5.7L HEMI seen in the video below. Watch it make its run up the Ike Gauntlet in case you missed it the first time around.

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