Honda Ridgeline: Singing its Own Praises in Superbowl Ad [Video]

Honda Ridgeline

The Super Bowl has become as much about the commercials as it has the game, with corporations putting their hard-earned bucks on mega-expensive spots. Not to be left out, Honda hopes to drum up interest in its redesigned Ridgeline pickup by dropping some major moolah on an ad during Sunday’s big game. Directed by oscar-nominated Super Bowl ad guru Bryan Buckley, the video depicts a rancher tending to his flock while treating them to “Somebody to Love” by Queen via the optional in-bed exciters. Watch below to see the effect it has on the sheep.

Scheduled to be shown in the third quarter, the spot is a return to the Super Bowl for Honda, and one the company hopes will pay off.

“Great Super Bowl spots are entertaining for the fans while communicating an essential value of the product, and we believe our Honda Ridgeline commercial accomplishes both objectives in dramatic fashion,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Automobile Division. “With so many truck buyers passionate about football, the big game is the perfect setting to introduce the all-new Ridgeline, and the distinctive features that make it the ultimate tailgating vehicle.”

Will the in-bed exciters be enough to win over hardcore truck enthusiasts? Probably not, and neither will all the other amenities the truck has to offer (of which there are many). Unibody construction and standard front-wheel-drive will turn off truck purists, but Honda knows that. Instead, the company is banking on grabbing the attention of shoppers looking for a civil daily commuter with the ability to tow and haul light loads. Check out the video below of the Ridgeline at the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit to get a run down on all of the niceties the truck has to offer.

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