• 2016 Ram HD 3500 Uses 900 Lb-Ft of Torque to Go Up Ike Gauntlet [Video]

    2016 ram hd 3500 dually
    2016 Ram HD 3500

    All pickup trucks are getting more and more capable. This is especially the case with the heavy duty one-ton pickups. This specific 2016 Ram 3500 HD Crew Cab 4×4 Limited is rated at a maximum 30,310 lbs of towing capacity. What kind of weight can we tow to challenge these beasts on the extreme Ike Gauntlet?

    We again chose the total trailer weight of 21,400 lbs for our HD test gooseneck trailer. First, we can directly compare the runs against last year because we are using the same trailer and same weight. Also, this weight can be handled by all trucks in the segment: including GM and Ford trucks.

    The 2016 model year truck is powered by the high output 6.7L I6 Cummins that makes 385 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. Yep, it has 35 lb-ft of torque more than previous year.

    Take a look at this TFLtruck Ike Gauntlet video, featuring the 2016 Ram 3500 Dually with the high output Cummins motor. (Spoiler alert: the table below the video shows the results of the Ike Gauntlet run.)

    Also, check out Ike Gauntlet results for all trucks.

    2015 Ram 3500 2016 Ram 3500 
    Model CrewCab Laramie LongHorn 4×4 CrewCab Limited 4×4
    Estimated $ $69,915 $75,275
    Engine 6.7-liter I6 6.7-liter I6
    Transmission 6-speed 6-speed
    Power (hp / lb-ft) 385 / 865 385 / 900
    Payload (lbs)  5,680 5,680
    Tow Rating (lbs) 29,010 (4.10 axle) 30,310 (4.10 axle)
    Test Load (trailer + cargo + ppl)  22,350 lbs 22,150 lbs
    Suspension Sag 4 in 0.5 in
    Ambient Temp F 40 F 37 F
    Relative Humidity 40% 30%
    Barometric Pressure (at top) 29.76 inHg 29.76 inHg
    Calculated Power Loss N / A N / A
    Up: Time 10:09.43 9:58.66
    Up: MPG 3.0 3.0
    Up: Interior dB N / A N / A
    Up: Transmission Temp normal normal
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov

    Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, writer, reporter, and software engineer. He has been writing and reporting at TFL since 2011.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    35 thoughts on “2016 Ram HD 3500 Uses 900 Lb-Ft of Torque to Go Up Ike Gauntlet [Video]

    1. Good test, thanks for keeping weights as close as possible. I agree with Nathan, that is a lot money for a truck. Good feedback as well.

    2. Great review! The RAM did great, the air suspension upgrade is way better then last years, only .5 inch of sag, and 11 seconds faster. Great improvements. The transmission did an excellent job holding 3rd gear and not searching for the right gear!

    3. The Cummins is always impressive. This 3500 looks very stable and ready to tackle just about anything, this is too much truck for what I need, but mucho respect to RAM (FCA). Note: I’m really not a fan of the limited front grill and the oversize RAM rear emblem.

      Ford better hit a home run with their newly fully redesign 2017 F250/F350, I hope the 350 pounds of weight savings and beefing-up the frame, axle, brakes and suspension will be enough to “out-tow” the RAM, or at least match the capabilities and driving dynamics.

      1. You can bet the 2017 Super Duty will be a home run. Remember that this RAM truck is already for sale and the old man Super Duty still outsells it. The new Ford will be superior in most ways and presumably continue its dominance in this market. From what I can see, it seems RAM is having a hard time extracting more horsepower form the 6.7L. Ford’s V8 is more conducive to power increases. I also suspect the next gen Duramax will be a powerhouse and some buyers may go in that direction.

        1. troveman, I hope you’re right. I remember when the mpg’s came out for the all aluminum 2015 F150, that was a bit deceiving, I’m sure even the top brass at the truck division was not expecting those low mpg’s number. That’s why I’m convince the 2017 F250/350 and 450’s will kick some serious butt. I’m actually more intrigue of the new V8 6.2 head designs (bigger intake valves) and really curious of the power numbers (maybe just a fatter torque curve a-la Vortec?)

    4. All 3 players in the big end of HD pickup trucks make seriously capable machines. I expect them all to be pretty close.

      Ford will likely get the fastest time due to HP; the biggest deciding factor is likely to be which truck’s exhaust brake is the most effective. Probably less than 5 points from best to worst when all said and done is my guess.

      1. While I agree the price is insane, a little research and you can find the dealerships that sell at volume with a good discount. I’d be willing to bet you can easily take 10-15k off. Still lots of money, but more reasonable price can be had.

      2. Well, from my point of view, $75k is too much for a car. Any car.

        Think of a brick layer who needs to transport his zoom-boom plus scaffold and planks. There’s also people hauling big travel trailers. In both cases, the cost of the truck isn’t so big. The stuff they are towing is quite expensive too. Paying a premium for the truck isn’t that significant. If the total expenditure is going to be $150k or higher, then paying for a lot of luxury can be gratifying.

    5. They felt the exhaust brake was below what it should be. Surprised Fiat did not make this a priority. Front grille and large chrome letters on the tailgate is not attractive in my book. Sounds like they did improve the rear suspension from last year. But the price is not justified! I would rather buy a used low mileage Freightliner to do the job and last longer too.

    6. Great job ive become a TFL addict. May be best to retool your scoring sytem a bit a score of 51 of 100 may lead some folks to believe the trucks are far below average on the Ike run. Keep up the good work im looking forward to more.

      1. L Walker, completely agree, 51 out of 100 points will make non TFLT viewers think this truck is a completely failure. I personally think any truck that can have 5000+ pounds of payload and can tow ++20,000 pounds should get an automatically 10 points. But will see how this point system will compare to the Chevy 3500 and Ford 350/450. But overall, I love all the IKE test, no matter what truck is tested.

    7. Cummins 6.7 Diesel was originally a cooperative effort with Fiat Powetrain as part of a European iniative. Originally developed at 5.9 litres capacity. Fiat version called the ” Tector ” and used in IVECO Trucks. IVECO now uses the 6.7 Litre version.Now the wheel has turned full circle and Fiat owns FCA, with the Cummins version

      1. This is completely and utterly FALSE! Everyone in those room is now dumber for reading it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    8. FYI – here is the breakdown of points if you count time and MPG only:

      ’15 F-350: 9 for mpg + 5 for time = 14
      ’15 RAM :10 for mpg + 0 for time = 10
      ’16 RAM :10 for mpg + 2 for time = 12

    9. How about reliability, I think any new truck can pull a trailer up a hill can you guys do same tests on trucks that have more then 100k or 200k miles on them, this would be interesting to see results

      1. The problem there is that the effects of wear on a truck with a lot of miles are so individually anecdotal as to be meaningless for comparison purposes. As the driving style and demands made on each vehicle can be so different from truck to truck.

    10. With having my Z licence, I would sooner buy a 2014 Peterbuilt with 450+Hp and 1600+LB-ft of torque at 1000RPM that can pull 60,000Lbs for 70 grand.

    11. Hi TFLT. Where does that whine come from that I hear when you test many of the RAM diesels? It’s not always there, but I do believe you mentioned it once in a test a while back and if I remember you didn’t know what was making the noise. None of the other MFG diesels do that. Hmmmmmm?

      1. Jeff. that noise is the same noise when I drove some AVGP’s with the Detroit Diesel V6 5.33L (Silver oe white series), Every time when go up you for a long period of time, the big fan kick’s in to maintain the engine temps. It’s a lot worse during the hot and humid summer temps.This is not to worry, just a bit load, that’s all.

    12. Jeff my 2014 3500 ram cummins makes the same noise on a hard pull its the fan kicking in to keep the engine cool

    13. The only problem I have with this test was the use of the exhaust brake in “full mode” instead of the auto or “smart mode” when going down the hill. It is clearly in full mode since the icon on the display is orange instead of green.

      Per Ram’s owners manual that was probably sitting in the glove box and you didn’t read, the exhaust brake in auto mode is the best mode to use when towing downhill in and wanting to stay at a certain speed. When in auto mode and you let off the accelerator going down hill, the truck will remember what speed you let of the accelerator and will vary the exhaust brake AND downshift transmission gears to keep you at that speed. The exhaust brake in full mode does NOT downshift the truck to keep you at speed. If you are going to contend that you didn’t us auto mode because none of the other competitors have this, then I would have to say that that is a plus for the Ram and a minus for the others.

      1. Interesting difference on how the exhaust brakes control between the makes. The first year GM had their’s they were dinged by tfl since they didn’t realize it works with cruise control… So instead of lifting off the accelerator and the computer working to that level, you set the cruise, and it will do everything to remain within about 3 mph of the set speed. I don’t know how the Ford exhaust works, but definitely screws with the scoring…

    14. You guys did not measure inside cabin noise. Go back and redo. At that price, I’d buy it only if I get 0% financing.

    15. Need not to say this truck can , over 30000 pound of towing , the truck Ram that says you can pull is a striped down , regular cab long bed with 4.10 gears, not a fully loaded Ram 3500 crew cab. I drive one of these trucks , pulling a horse trailer and the back side of the Eisenhower Tunnel at a gvw of 18800, and my truck does better, than the test you conducted, granted I’m running a six speed manual, with 3.24 gears, and engine brake is way better than what , is being said about it.The only problem with my 2015 Ram 3500 is it rides a little ruff, and I only have 660 foot pounds of torque. But over all , I put 40000 miles on my truck and have not a single problem, wish you guys would have some way of testing these trucks for a longer time, because it starts to sound bias, towards certain brands.

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