• 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Trail Dictator Off-Road Parts and Accessories Review [Video]

    2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z71

    SEMA is primarily about the aftermarket parts and accessories market for just about any car, truck or anything that has wheels and a motor. The minds at Chevrolet looked at some of the aftermarket accessories for their cars and trucks and said, “We can do that better.”

    Decked out with a long list of parts from the Chevrolet Performance catalog is a 2016 Chevy Silverado Z71. Not only do these parts meet factory specs, they come with a warranty that doesn’t void the truck’s factory warranty. Something to think about when doing price comparison with similar parts.

    Ride along with Roman and Andre as they check out the new accessories from the Chevrolet Performance catalog and see how they perform in the Nevada desert.


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    12 thoughts on “2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Trail Dictator Off-Road Parts and Accessories Review [Video]

    1. Wow, another article on a Chevrolet….I think that’s the sixth or seventh one in the last few days. Sure hope Chevy is throwing some products your way (or more)

      1. Karen,

        News sometimes comes in waves, especially when a big show is on the calendar. We’ll get off the Chevy track soon. With over 1M square feet of displays and 1,500 exhibitors at SEMA, we’ll find something to talk about other than Chevrolet.

    2. Looks pretty good and glad to see they have some performance parts along with this package. Hopefully most of these accessories will make it to production model Silverado’s & Colorado’s. Although I do hope the license plate holder isn’t one of them lol. Hey Derek I do have a question though regarding the LED lights on top of the truck. All footage I have seen with them on makes them look like they are just accent lights (signature lighting). Do you know if that is in fact the case or do they actually function like a high beam or flood light? Thanks.

    3. Can we see longer looks at the trucks? It’s seems like the video is mostly cab footage, quick drive by’s, or isolated parts of the truck. I do like the information given, but I’d also like to see the truck itself a little more. Thanks.

    4. O.K. Truck Folks….it is now November…..what say you about the
      promised and much anticipated Hyundai Santa Cruz…..HURRY !!!

    5. Come on Roman. B.S. Give me a break. “Completely Bad Ass”?? “Trail Dictator” ???
      Why do they even show these trucks off road? They are pavement queens and nothing but.
      What is Bad Ass about it ?? If this road hadn’t been smooth and flat (no large holes or boulders), All of those trucks would have been scraping the ground. GM did a good job scouting that road or did they put down fresh gravel for this shoot?
      You could drive a Honda Civic down that road without scraping
      If this is the “Trail Dictator” then take it on a challenging trail and show us what it will and will not do.

      Jennifer, I’m not knocking you but as an engineer, you should take these trucks off road (I mean really off road) and truly test them. Beat the crap out of them and see what fails or breaks.
      Take your marketing people with you to give them some real world experience. Take some of the bean counters also.
      Give them the shovel and make them dig when you get hung up on those low hanging side steps in the mud.
      Let them spend a few nights out in the boonies trying to figure out how to get that low rider truck back to the pavement.
      Then, design some bad ass (useful) trucks for us. I know you can do it. Female engineers are butt kickers.

      As for the lights on the roll bar, I think you will find that they will be more useful pointing aft as back up lights.
      I’ve had lights on roll bars before and they didn’t work very well in inclement weather. In a snow storm they will blind you.
      You are better off having them on the front of the truck.


    6. The 2016 Silverado is now on the Chevy website.
      $2000 for the combined roll bar with lights? Wow!
      The new Sierra is however, not yet up on the GMC web site. Looks like 24 mpg for the new transmission with the smaller V8. Although it probably is just for 2WD.

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