What Are the Best Sellers In World’s Top 4 Biggest Auto Markets?

ford f-series
Ford F-Series is USA best seller (by insurance4carhire.com)

It may come as no surprise to you that the Ford F-series is the best seller in the United States. This includes Ford’s light and heavy duty trucks. However, what are the best sellers in the top four biggest automotive markets?

This data gathering and research was done by insurance4carhire.com. Yes, they are calling the F-series, the best selling “car” of 2014, but we will let it slide. The point is –¬†Americans love pickup trucks. As a side note, there were 210 million licensed drivers in the USA in 2012.

What are the four biggest automotive markets in the world? Here you go, as classified by the number of vehicles produced in 2013.


The USA is now number two on this list. China produces about twice as many vehicles as United States. This does not speak to the number of vehicles sold in each country.

What was the most popular vehicle in China. You may be surprised to find out that it was the Ford Focus.


The remaining two automotive power houses are Japan and Germany.

It is interesting to see which vehicles are the most popular and how the numbers compare when you look at the number of licensed drivers, average MPGs, and other related pricing. By the way, the Toyota Aqua in Japan is basically the same thing as the Toyota Prius C in the United States. (Keep in mind that MPG ratings are determined in different ways around the world, so the fuel efficiency comparison cannot be made directly.)

Speaking of upcoming pickup trucks. Here is are all the details currently available about the 2017 Ford Super Duty that is coming at the end of next year.