Ford Raptor and 1968 Ford Bronco: Off-Road Mashup [Video]

ford raptor bronco 1968 half-cab  off-road rocky mountainsHow do the small 1968 Bronco half-cab and the big 2014 Ford Raptor crew cab handle the same tight and steep Rocky Mountain trail? Can the Raptor follow the Bronco through the narrow sections and can the Bronco negotiate some of the bigger ditches and rocks? No need to wonder any more. Here is the off-road mashup video to answer these questions.

The 1968 Bronco Sport half-cab is powered by the 289 cu-in V8. When it was new, it produced nearly 200 horsepower. It’s paired to a three speed manual transmission with a column shifter (three on the tree).  It has a robust 4×4 system with manually locking front hubs and low range. It’s also all stock with the few exceptions of the valve covers, carburetor, and air cleaner.

The 2014 Ford Raptor is a whole different animal. It’s a huge pickup truck made wider with specialized suspension that allows for more travel. It’s made more for running desert trails at a high rate of speed. However, it has enough articulation and clearance to tackle challenging rocky or muddy trails.

Watch this rainy and muddy video mashup in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.