Will the Ford Ranger Return to the US in 2018? [News]

2015 ford ranger midsize pickup truck first official images
Ford Ranger (non U.S.)

New insider information suggests that Ford is working on a deal with the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union to build the midsize Ranger pickup truck at the Michigan Assembly Plant starting in 2018.

The Assembly plant is currently producing the Ford Focus and the C-Max, and this is planned to wind down in 2018. What’s next for the 4,500 workers at the plant? The next Ranger pickup could be it, if both sides agree there is solid business case for the smaller truck.

Ford discontinued the Ranger in 2011 in the United States to focus solely on the full-size F-Series trucks. The midsize pickup truck market share has been steadily declining over the last decade, but it had a recent resurgence with the introduction of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. Also, the segment-leading Toyota Tacoma is growing significantly year-over-year.

Ford Ranger (non U.S.)


The prices of the new F-150 continue to climb as more convenience features and advance driver-aid technologies are being added. Of course, there has been the switch to aluminum construction.

If priced competitively, the Ford Ranger can come back strong and rekindle the glory days from late 1990s.

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