Pikes Peak: 2000+ HP Freightliner Does Donuts and Burnouts for the Crowd [Video]


2015 freightliner semi truck pikes peak mike ryan donuts

It looks like size can’t deter you from having fun. TFLtruck recently visited the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill CLimb to watch Mike Ryan’s 2000+ horsepower Freightliner run up the mountain. Unfortunately, weather conditions turned to rain and snow in the afternoon¬†and the race was cut in half and became unofficial. When the weather gives you lemons, you make donuts, according to Mike Ryan.

TFLtruck.com had the chance to speak with longtime semi racer Mike Ryan, who was frustrated with the weather conditions. The unpredictable weather helps to make Pikes Peak one of the most dangerous and rewarding strips of tarmac around. Mike¬†remained in good spirits, happy to have the crowd’s approval and have a little fun while smoking the rear tires.

Ryan also mentioned that his truck’s current front-end setup prevented clean, controllable drifts and burnouts. The footage shows his truck sliding slightly to the right during a long burnout. This truck is brand-new and the front suspension and geometry is setup for a road course.

Check out the fun video below.