• 2017 Ford F-450 Stretched Crew Cab Prototype at High Altitude [Video]

    2017 ford f-450 prototype f450 payload testing
    2017 Ford F-450 prototype

    Ford is preparing the next generation of its towing an hauling Super Duty pickup trucks. This F-450 (or F-550) prototype was caught testing at high altitude of Colorado. This test truck has 10-bolt hubs/wheel and the big crew cab that appears to be stretched a little more for a “mega cab” size.

    The video clip also shows the vertically stacked headlights. These lights could be just for testing or may also appear on the working version of the truck.

    Check out the quick clip below and browse the hundreds of TFLtruck videos on all the latest pickup trucks and commercial vans.


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    9 thoughts on “2017 Ford F-450 Stretched Crew Cab Prototype at High Altitude [Video]

    1. It would be nice of they offered a factory flatbed. It seems a lot of people would choose this option.

      1. Working at a dealership, people are very picky about flatbeds, “2 box under, 4 box under, 4 under and 2 on top, 0 box under, no curved lips for 2 extra inches in front, 2″ lip on side, lipped headache rack, round headache rack” leave it to the mod shops and keep them in business 🙂

      1. I’m pretty dubious of that photo. First of all, that was months back…a long way from the actual release date. Secondly, I’ve seen that one pic and not heard a peep since. Lastly, that truck just looks photoshopped. Some strange Chevy front end with the 2015 F-150 bed and cab.

        1. I think the front end is accurate, the bed maybe just photoshoped from the F-150. The photos front end matches what we see in the camo trucks above right down to the stacked headlights.

      1. We do not know for sure. Ford has not made an official announcement about this.


    2. It will have the f 150 body except the grill and hood. The tail lights will be different but it will look more Tonka truck like. Expect the inside to have a few different bins and nook’s but nothing radically different then in the 150’s

      Expect a slight bump in diesel power and a 3.5 ecoboost with bigger turbos . This new 3.5 should make around 425 hp and 500 ft pounds of torque.

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