Will the 2016 Ram HD CNG Hide Its Extra Tank? [Spied]

2016 ram hd heavy duty prototypes cng lng
Ram HD prototypes

These Ram pickup trucks do not look all that interesting with the exception of the out-of-place red bed, double fuel doors, and the additional rear bumper protection. Could the truck on the left be a testing prototype for the 2016 Ram HD CNG? Could it be hiding the additional compressed natural gas tank below the bed?

Ford and GM have CNG powered or enabled trucks. Ford recently announced the 2016 F-150 with the CNG preparation package. Some fleet customers prefer compressed gas powered trucks because this fuel may be cheap or nearly free for them. Natural gas also burns cleanly.

However, CNG also causes the trucks to lose power and efficiency. And the bulky CNG tanks take up valuable bed space. If Ram can figure out how to hide the additional tanks below the bed (as this prototype suggests), this would be a welcomed feature. Who wants to lose around three feet of bed space because of the additional tanks?

Take a look near the middle of this Prototype Hunting video to see the footage of the Ram HD prototypes.