Ask TFLTruck: Ram Trucks Questions Answered

2015 ram 3500 hd diesel pickup truck towing a gooseneck trailer with world war ii halftrack tank on ike gauntlet
2015 Ram 3500 HD

Thank for continuing to submit your questions to  We have received several questions for Ram trucks, so here are the most popular. We asked Ram representatives this questions during the 2015 Ram Rebel event.

Is Ram worried about the 2016 Nissan Titan 5.0L V8 Cummins?

The short answer is: no. Ram evaluated the 5.0L V8 Cummins engine for use in there trucks. They found its torque-per-liter ratio to be not very good, considering the 3.0L EcoDiesel produces 420 lb-ft and the 6.7L Cummins that makes 865 lb-ft of torque. The 5.0L V8 Cummins in the upcoming 2016 Nissan Titan is rated at 555 lb-ft of twist. Ram also thought that this turbo-diesel engine was too much for the light-duty 1500 truck and not quiet enough for the HD trucks. Ram continues to target fuel economy and value for the light-duty segment. While Ram HD is targeting towing and hauling capability.

Will Ram make a midsize or smaller pickup truck?

The short answer is: no. Ram cannot find a solid business case to invest into a midsize or smaller pickup trucks. Ram sees two obstacles. A smaller pickup trucks needs to be exceptionally fuel efficient and provide excellent value. At this time, these obstacles are enough to say no to small pickup trucks.


Will the Ram Rebel come with the EcoDiesel engine option?

The short answer is: it depends. Ram is struggling to meet the demand for the EcoDiesel engine in the 1500 lineup before the Rebel comes online. Ram also wants to see how popular the Rebel is and whether customers are asking for the turbo-diesel option. If they can solve the supply problem, and the Rebel is successful, then you might see the Rebel EcoDiesel.

What about the 8-speed automatic in the Ram HD trucks?

The short answer is: no. The existing 8-speed TorqueFlight automatic transmission is not rated for heavy duty requirements of towing up to 30,000 lbs or hauling over 7,000 lbs. It is also not rated to hold this much weight on an incline in Park.

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