• Factory-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights will be available on 2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks

    Ford's new Factory-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights
    Ford’s new Factory-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights

    Lets face it, sometimes the problem with non-factory installed aftermarket parts on trucks is that they are hard to install, maintain, and all too often they break and even prematurely rust. That’s not an issue with the new Factory-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights that will be available on 2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks, according to Ford.

    Ford says, “The no-drill option is warranted and not susceptible to corrosion issues that can be a result of poor aftermarket installation.”

    The new strobe LED’s can be installed at the factory of at the dealership. They can also be programmed in different lighting patterns.

    Furthermore Ford adds that, “The front- and rear-mounted amber-lens strobe lights that have been evaluated for any applicable regulations and industry standards, can be seen as far as 1,000 feet away during the day and as far as a mile away at night.”

    2016 F-Series Super Duty Strobe Light

    To prove it Ford has created the video below called Happy Morse Code Day using the new Warning LED Lights to send a message.

    The $700 option is designed to be used at worksites to warn other motorist of potential danger, and will be available on all 2016 Ford Ford Super Duty Trucks.

    Roman Mica
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    9 thoughts on “Factory-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights will be available on 2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks

    1. Funny how in this demo video Ford chose to use a gas 6.2L version which is heard starting at the end. Hopefully on the new model the strobes are better integrated. I think this is a clever feature, except for the wahoos that will be cruising around with these things on all the time.

        1. Anti-troverman, not sure why I merited that, but good one.

          No, I know its the same truck, its just that Ford would really prefer to make the extra $8400 off you by buying the diesel. So kind of surprised they used the 6.2L for this demo.

      1. Nope, its definitely the 6.2L. I drive a 2015 every day, very familiar with this sound. The engine fan makes a wooshing sound right at startup which sounds a bit like a turbo. The diesel starter sound is totally different.

    2. These strobe LED warning lights (programmable or not) see like they’d be a good safety feature for any\all vehicles. Is there some legal restriction on non-commercial (passenger) vehicles installing\using them? Seems like the more flashing (non-blue) lights the better, to get drivers’ attention.

      1. I agree, much more attention getting than the simple 4-way flashers. But, there are many restrictions, varying by state. Red and / or blue lights would be out (reserved for Fire and or Police). Even the amber lights have restrictions, but less so than other colors.

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