Can Chevy Colorado Catch the Tacoma? February 2015 [Sales Report]

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2015 Chevy Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier

Midsize pickup truck sales are doing well to start the year. There are four serious players in the segment now. The current generation of the Honda Ridgeline is winding down, but we should see the new entry from Honda at the New York Auto Show next month.

One of the most popular questions is – can the Chevy Colorado (and GMC Canyon) catch the long-time segment leader, the Toyota Tacoma? The all-new Colorado and Canyon twins came on the scene in October of 2014. After five months of sales the two reached over 9,000 units for the month. This constitutes approximately 75% of the Tacoma sales volume.

The current Toyota Tacoma is not slowing down yet (it increased 13.1% over last year). The all-new 2016 Tacoma will go on sale later this calendar year, as will the turbo-diesel versions of the Colorado and Canyon. There are more battles to be had.

Feb 2015 # Feb ’15 / ’14 % YTD 2015 # YTD ’15 / ’14 %
Toyota Tacoma 12,372 13.1% 23,781 14.4%
Chevy Colorado 6,563 NEW 12,505 NEW
Nissan Frontier 6,106 5.4% 11,974 11.7%
GMC Canyon 2,513 NEW 4,718 NEW
Honda Ridgeline 136 -88.1% 350 -84.8%

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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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