Project Raptor – Brake it Up [Part 2]

2014 project raptor svt ford f-150 brakes performance stoptech

TFLtruck has teamed up with to get our long-term tester 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor upgraded.  The goal of the project is two-fold: make the truck even more off-road capable, and make it more usable as an expedition, road-trip, or chase vehicle.  Expect to see popular and affordable additions and modifications on Project Raptor.  It will not be an unlimited budget, show truck build.  These are the modifications most owner can tackle and include: air compressor, upgraded brakes, tonneau cover, winch, and off-road LED lights.

Expect TFLtruck to put each part through a real-world test and watch it on video.

#2 – StopTech and Posi-Quiet Performance Brake Parts

Being able to slow down and stop in a safe and predictable manner is the most important attribute of any vehicle.  The second part of Project Raptor is all about improving the stopping performance.  The OEM brake components are adequate for most uses, but we noticed considerable fade when coming back to town from high in the Rocky Mountains.  The pedal gets more squishy and the truck takes a longer distance to stop.

The first task is to measure the performance of the stock system.  We went to our test track (IMI Motorsports) and used the G-Tech Pro performance meter to get the 60-0 mph stopping distances.  Air and track temperatures were right around 70F.  The first distance was 169.9 feet; the second – 179.0 feet; and the third – 173.0 feet.  The average stopping distance over the three runs was: 173.9 feet.

The upgrade includes:

StopTech performance slotted rotors 
StopTech performance brake fluid
Posi-Quiet ceramic pads by CentricParts

Tune in next week for the next episode of this brake upgrade.