• Is it Aluminum? 2016 Ford F-450 dually caught in the wild [Spied]

    2016 ford f-350 f-450 spied prototype
    (provided by mrtruck.com)

    Ford has already upgraded their Power Stroke turbo-diesel motor for the 2015 model year, while they kept the same body.  Now, we have detailed pictures of the next generation 2016 Ford F-450 dually.  It’s obvious that Ford is careful to hide the new exterior and interior styling.

    The 10-lugs wheels point to the new F-450 model.  This truck has enough cladding and wrapping to cover a basketball court.  The vertically stacked headlights look to be poking out behind the mesh.  The grille is truly massive.  It’s tall and wide.  The entire truck appears slightly taller than the current model.  Could the next Super Duty carry an all-aluminum body, same as the 2015 F-150?


    Check out the body panels over the dual rear wheels.  That structure appears temporary.  Perhaps Ford is working on a fully integrated bed panel, similar to Ram HD?

    Watch the 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty with the new 6.7L Power Stroke debut at the 2013 Texas State Fair.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    11 thoughts on “Is it Aluminum? 2016 Ford F-450 dually caught in the wild [Spied]

    1. Ford is showing some real leadership with their drivetrains and aluminum bodies,Chrysler has made big strides as well (8 speeds,air suspension,1/2 ton diesel) with GM a shadow of its former self. Its plethora of middle managers spending their time covering their butts from ignition switch fallout instead of coming up with innovative engineering. Mary Barra must be wondering what the hell she took on although I’m sure she’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

      1. im a chevy guy but i have been disappointing with chevy lately. i see ram is constantly updating their trucks every model year. 2013 they added an air suspension and 8 speed transmission, 2014 they add a diesel in a halfton, and 2015 they are rumored to be doing another refresh. ford hasnt done many big things either though. aluminum body was pretty much all ford really did. for the ram hd in 2013 they updated the cummins got a new tranny and new frame and for 2014 the ram hd got a coil rear suspension and airbags. but all chevy did in 2015 was a new body and interior. for 2014 it was a big jump for chevy but it still lags behind ram.

    2. Ford is way over due updating their Super Duty trucks. And their engines have been lagging GM’s Duramax the last three years in towing. Just read the towing comparisons that have been taken place and you would see that the Ford finished a distant second. Gm has a new Diesel coming out in 2016 because now it will be their turn to offer something new and better. I hope GM comes out with a 4500 and 5500 along with a new gas engine for their HD pickups.

    3. If it is aluminum, there’ll be clear trade-off for the reduced weight. Insurance companies have already revealed the aluminum F150 will now be insured at the highest rate due to collision repair costs. They’ve stated the surcharge will also be due to the fact that currently only 10% of body repair facilities are certified to repair aluminum body structures- that wipes out any fuel savings from the reduced weight!

    4. That’s not true. The insurance cost was just a rumor. F-series are already cheaper to insure and any increase in repair cost won’t be noticeable because only a small portion of insurance is based on collision repair. Also, the next gen F-150 will be quicker to repair because of the way the parts can be removed piece by piece on the new design. So even if it costs more in parts they will have less in labor. The real answer is insurance and repair costs will be competitive with the old and the 2015 will be a game changer.

    5. Not necessarily. What sounds good doesn’t mean it’ll turn out that way in the real world. We’ll see in time, but when the insurance companies warn about higher rates I tend to believe them.

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