Toyota working on Integrated Trailer Brake Controller [Confirmed]

2014 toyota tundra extreme towing ike gauntlet

TFLtruck sources have confirmed that Toyota is hard at work on an integrated trailer brake controller.  The “big three” trucks from Ford, GM, and Ram offer the built-in brake controller from the factory; while Toyota and Nissan require owners to use aftermarket or dealer-installed units.  The brake controller is required for heavier trailers (over 5,000 lbs carrying capacity), which use electrically activated braking system.

It will take some time for Toyota to bring this option to market because they are creating their own controller.  It’s likely to be available for 2016 model year or after.

TFL’s test boat trailer uses mechanical/hydraulic brakes and the integrated controller is not required.  However, the Logan Coach trailer used for the extreme Ike Gauntlet test has electric brakes and requires a brake controllers.  Currently, Toyota trucks are prewired for a controller from the factory if that option is selected.  However, brake controllers are getting ever more sophisticated and this is really the price of entry.  2015 Ford F-150‘s system will allow the driver to check the state of trailer lights without leaving the cab.

Take a look at the 2014 Toyota Tundra accept the challenge of the Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test:

And here is the same truck running a 0-60 MPH with the TFLtruck test boat and trailer: