How about this Foton Tunland camping truck? [Beijing Motor Show]

foton tunland beijing motor show

Have you ever heard of a Foton Tunland pickup truck?  Well, TFLtruck has found this tricked out and outdoors ready midsize truck at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.  Foton is a Beijing based company that specializes in heavy and light duty commercial trucks, vans, and buses.  The company has been founded in 1996 and has grown quickly to register 621,000 units sold in 2012.

The standard Tunland has been upgraded with off-road bumpers, lights, racks, and expedition-ready folding tent on top.

China has developed a love affair with the world of automobiles – including the RV (Recreational Vehicle). Believe it or not, China has begun to embrace RVs and, as of recently, they began to build their own RVs.  These types of trucks could prove to be huge in the USA.

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Check out this detailed TFLtruck video of another interesting new midsize pickup – the 2015 Chevy Colorado.

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