Photo of the Day: Classic Datsun King Cab pickup looks more fit for a pauper

The not-so-Kingly Classic Datsun King Cab pickup
The not-so-Kingly Classic Datsun King Cab pickup

Back in the day this classic Datsun King Cab pickup had what many people considered a roomy cabin for a pickup truck.

But when you compare the classic Datsun to the new Ford F-150 Raptor parked next to it…the cab seems more fit for a pauper than a King.

In fact everything about the Datsun is small and petite. That especially includes the exhaust pipe which is about the diameter of a penny.


It’s hard to believe that Japanese pickups sold in America were this tiny (even the biggest) ones.

We’re betting the new Nissan Titan will be in fact a “Titan” truck when it arrives with a much bigger and more powerful diesel engine.

Perhaps if and when Nissan updates the Frontier they might go back to this classic Datsun name.

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