Images and Trends from 2014 Denver Boat Show

2014 tige z1 colorado edition
2014 Tige Z1 – Colorado Edition

You may not immediately connect winter in Denver Colorado with boating, but the annual Denver Boat Show takes place during the second weekend of every January.  So why show boats on a truck review website?  It’s because we use our trucks to tow our boats and it’s part of the overall lifestyle.

This overview is focused on sport boats primarily used for water sports (aka: wakeboard, ski, or surf boats).  The 2014 trends are: bigger wake, more electronics and technology, and customized/special editions.  The trend on creating a bigger wake or wave for surfing or wakeboarding is throughout.  Tige just released a new hull design with the 2014 Tige ASR, which has a deeper V and can naturally throw a bigger wave.  However, nearly every manufacturer has similar solutions: hull modifications and/or additional movable trim tabs or planes – all with a purpose to create a bigger wave and more fun.

2014 mb boats mike brendel
2014 MB (Mike Brendel) Sports boat

The boats are taking a page out of car and truck playbook by adding more computerization and advance technology features.  You have large touch screens within easy reach of the driver that control most or all boat system.  You can set your cruise control speed, adjust lighting, manage your music selection, control ballast systems, and trim planes.   You can also watch rear camera view while moving.  No, it’s not for when you are backing up.  It’s to watch your buddy cutting waves behind you and making sure you know when he falls.  However, you still have to turn a key to start most of these high-tech creations.  Push-button start/stop is not as practical on the water as it is on land.

2014 tige asr cockpit helm
2014 Tige ASR cockpit and helm

Another trend is bigger engines and more power.  MasterCraft is using big block 7.4-liter V8 motors in their larger 24 foot boats, these are based on GM architecture.  Many companies are also moving to supercharging.  You can get a Tige with a Cadillac based 6.2-liter supercharged engine from the CTS-V.

2014 mastercraft engine
2014 MasterCraft engine – direct drive

Clearly, there is no end to boat customization.  And 2014 is going further and bigger in this direction.  There were several Colorado Edition boats at this year’s show, proudly displaying Colorado flag design and colors.

2014 colorado edition moomba boat ski wakeboard
2014 Moomba sports boat

As for the trailers. These boats sport large custom rim with low profile tires, disk brakes, and electric over hydraulic brake actuation.

2014 Denver Boat Show:

Saturday Jan 11th: 10am – 10pm.

Sunday Jan 12th: 10am – 4pm.


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