Video: Robots test Ford F-150 Doors, Seats, Suspension, and More

ford f-150 robot durability testing

Ford builds over 1,000 Ford F-150 trucks per day in Michigan. That’s a lot of vehicles that leave the Rouge Complex assembly line. So how can Ford ensure that their F-150 will stand the test of time? How do Ford truck buyers know that their truck will last after they are on the road for 10 years? The big part of the answer are robots and autonomous tests. ┬áThere is a lot of door opening and closing, lots of simulated seat seating, and tough suspension workouts.

Also, take a look at Part 1 video of autonomous testing.

In another accurate, fun and informative TFLtruck video, Roman takes a look at how Ford uses robots to test long term durability of the Ford F-150.