Video: Autonomous Ford F-150 – Durability Testing

autonomous ford f-150 durability testing

The Ford F-150 is the best selling vehicle in America – that’s a fact.  However, is it the world’s most durable truck? In order to improve and test the F-150’s durability, Ford has built the world’s largest computer controlled, autonomous, and remote controlled truck. In the past, human drivers drove the vehicles around the punishing circuit in order to test the durability and longevity.  The vehicles had to be run continuously to simulate many years of abuse within a compressed timeframe of a few months.  This task was punishing for the drivers as much as for the trucks.  In order to solve the problem, Ford has created a driverless durability test program as Roman discovered on a recent trip to Dearborn, Michigan.  Now, Ford has several autonomous F-150s running around the track and around the clock.

Watch this video to see what these trucks are capable of and what they go through: