• Truck Rewind: Mini Trucks, Where Art Thou? 1953-1973 Morris Quarter Ton Van and Pickup

    While the 1953-1973 Morris Quarter Ton Van and Pickup were based on the snappy little Morris Minor that was designed by Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis - the man responsible for the Mini. The Morris was significantly beefed up for the small truck and van duty. Unlike the unibody, or monocoque

    350,000 Ford F150 Trucks and Ford Expeditions with 10-Speed Transmission Are Recalled For Rollaway Risk

    2018 ford f150 limited

    Ford announces a recall of 350,000 (2017-2018) F150 trucks and 2018 Expedition SUVs for a rollaway risk due to an "unseated gear shift cable clip" that has to do with the 10-speed automatic transmission (10R80). This issue may cause the transmission to be in a gear other than the one