• These are the Top 6 Most Luxurious and Most Expensive Pickup Trucks for 2018 (Video)

    2017 ford f450 platinum dually

    What are the most luxurious, most capable, and most expensive pickup trucks out there? We take a look at the top six most pricey trucks across all classes and manufacturers. Here they are! All prices listed here are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The prices include optional equipment, but excludes specialized accessories:

    Diesel or Gas HD: Which Truck Is Best For You? (Video)

    Initial Cost A new turbo-diesel heavy duty pickup truck will cost between $8,800 to $11,000+ more than a comparable gasoline V8-powered HD pickup truck. Payload The diesel trucks weigh 700-900 lbs more than their gas counterparts. This weight difference is counteracted by the monstrous torque the diesels produce. These truck are very quick,