• GM, Nissan full-size SUV sales surge in October [News]

    2017 chevy suburban hd fleet armored suv fleet commercial

    While the overall sales outlook in October was pretty grim, the full-size SUV offerings from GM and Nissan showed no signs of a slowdown. The Chevrolet siblings - the Tahoe and Suburban - continued to lead the pack, with the Tahoe selling almost twice the number of the second-place Suburban. Both

    What’s the Best Luxury SUV for Towing? [Ask TFLtruck]


    We recently posted a question from TFL reader Gary about towing an Airstream with a Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. He was considering getting a larger vehicle to make the job, let's say... less exciting. Coincidentally, we have received another question from a reader also named Gary (different guy), who tows an

    30 Years of Keeping up with the Joneses: 1986 vs 2016 Chevy Suburban [Infographic]

    If you were to approach some patrons at your local Starbucks and ask them name a full-size SUV, the term "Suburban" would be one of the most frequently given responses. The vehicle has long been a staple at Saturday morning scrimmages and trips to the mega-mall. By 1986 the Suburban was already in its seventh generation and had taken