• Diesel or Gas HD: Which Truck Is Best For You? (Video)

    Initial Cost A new turbo-diesel heavy duty pickup truck will cost between $8,800 to $11,000+ more than a comparable gasoline V8-powered HD pickup truck. Payload The diesel trucks weigh 700-900 lbs more than their gas counterparts. This weight difference is counteracted by the monstrous torque the diesels produce. These truck are very quick,

    Top 5 Pros & Cons of Getting a Diesel vs. Gas Pickup Truck

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    What are all of the considerations when selecting a diesel vs. gas pickup truck? What are the pros & cons of each? Kent "MrTruck" Sundling, Nathan Adlen, and Andre Smirnov discuss the top 5 topics that have to do with this decision. This and many other complicated pickup truck topics