• Boulder Electric Vehicle is serious about Beefy Electric Trucks

    Boulder Electric Vehicle builds large trucks and vans that run on electricity. Based in Lafayette, CO (near Boulder, CO) Boulder Electric Vehicle has a expanded manufacturing facility Chatsworth, CA. The payload on the smallest truck, their '500 Delivery Vehicle' is 3,000 lbs. According to Boulder Electric, the Delivery Vehicle can

    Rip It Up Off-Road: Driving Tips From Legendary Racer Ivan “Ironman” Stewart [Video]

    2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

    Do you want to know how to drive fast and win off-road races? If so, you're going to love this video featuring legendary off-road racer Ivan 'Ironman" Stewart in the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro sharing all sorts of driving tips. Stewart takes the truck for a drive in the

    Photo of the Day: What Year is this Dodge Truck?

    This Dodge Truck grabbed my attention for two reasons: One - it is awesome to see an old Dodge Truck being used as it was intended. Two - the wheels were absolutely the wrong choice for this rig. Seriously. The Dodge Truck went through many changes in styling in the 1960s