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2017 Colorada Z72
bc sportsman
2 Posts
December 12, 2016 - 12:59 am

I've recently read that the towing capacity for the 2017 Z72 gas truck will be "increased" to 5,000 lbs and payload will be 1100 lbs.  Is this a typo? 

I believe that the max towing for the 2016 diesel Canyon/Colorado 4x4 is 7400 lbs and payload is around 1400 lbs.  2016 gas guzzler tow max is 7000 lbs.


BC Sportsman 

78 Posts
December 12, 2016 - 1:06 am

From what I've seen the ZR2's towing will be 5k, with payload around 1,100 lbs...  nothing official, but that what I remember from the release.  As for the non ZR2, the 2.8 is rated at 7,700 2wd, and 7,600 4wd.  The gas trucks are limited at 7k.

2011 GMC 2500HD Crew Cab     -Alan

187 Posts
December 12, 2016 - 9:46 am

I own a Diesel Colorado 4x4, after towing quite a few different types and weights of trailers with it. Nothing over 6k. I would not ever tow that 6k trailer again either, I just did it for a short distance to see how well it would handle it.

 IMO these smaller mid size little trucks are not that great with anything over 4000 pounds and I am not crazy about towing any enclosed trailers with it at all regardless of the weight, at least not for long distances at highway speeds 70-80mph. The winds around here tend to really push even an empty enclosed trailer around especially at higher speeds with cross or head winds. These trucks are just not heavy enough to give the stability I am happy with.

The trucks can move the weight, it can probably move over 7k, its just not very good at towing more then 4.

For me though, the bottom line was I wasn't shopping for a Colorado with the intent of pulling more then a light weight utility trailer with maybe a couple  ATVs or a lawn tractor, so am really happy with my diesel Colorado, that's all I really wanted it to be able to do.

I just caution people looking to buy these smaller lighter weight trucks with the intent of pulling over 5k in the first place.

So the ZR2 being rated at 5k, I don't see that 5K tow rating as really a bad thing at all. IMO Sub 5K towing is really about all these smaller trucks really should be used for.

bc sportsman
2 Posts
December 12, 2016 - 9:46 pm

Thanks Alan and Fleetguy. 

Currently have a 2004 Duramax HD2500 and am considering going to a smaller truck for improved fuel economy and ease of driving and parking around town, off road capability/ground clearance.  I spend 5 weeks a year in the bush driving on narrow trails, mud, snow n ice.  The rest of the time is in town and with very light weight hauling of any stuff other than yard waste and some lumber and being frustrated trying to find a decent place to park where parking stalls seem to be getting smaller and parkades getting lower ceilings, and limitations of driving heavy/wide/less nimble trucks in the bush.

I tow a Jayco Baja 2010 14F pop top trailer rated at 7500 lbs GVWR but never have it loaded more than 6500 lbs and only tow on decent dirt roads...not off road.  I do the tough stuff after I park the tent trailer.  I need a truck that can carry two big guys+canopy+canoe =~900 lbs plus tow up to 6500 in a loaded trailer (650 lb tongue weight).  That means ~1550 lbs.

A mid size truck would be ideal for me (and especially for my wife who hates driving/parking the large truck) if I could find one that can do the above.  I've maxed out the 2016 Canyon Diesel with these specs so that truck would be dangerously overloaded and won't work.  Was excited when I read that the Colorado ZR2 would have increased towing/hauling capacity reflecting its slightly larger size...which I hoped meant an extra 500 lbs in GVWR.

Guess I'm sticking with my Duramax 2500HD.

Thanks for your help,


187 Posts
December 16, 2016 - 6:11 pm

You could possibly accomplish a decent part of what your after with the Ram EcoDiesel. In the real world the Ecodiesel gets about the same fuel mileage as the diesel Colorado does in the real world. The one thing you loose out on is size. Which is the number one reason I bought a diesel Colorado. I wanted a smaller truck that was easier to park, fits in the main garage much easier, just a handy little run about truck. That said I have a 2500 Ram diesel for the real work, for towing or hauling or just traveling in comfort on long trips, it hard to beat all the interior space etc you get from a full size cab.

So the Ram 1500 with EcoDiesel would give you the fuel mileage your after , it is smaller then a 2500, not like the Colorado is smaller, but it is a little smaller and has a shorter wheelbases and is easier to park, etc. etc. Plus the Ram EcoDiesel has a payload and tow rating more in line with what it sounds like your needing. So the Ram EcoDiesel is a truck that feel might be worth your time to check out.  

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