• H2Go! Toyota’s Hydrogen 670-hp Semi-Truck from the L.A. Auto Show [Video]

    Toyota FCV Semi-Truck

    Meet Toyota's hydrogen-powered semi The Los Angeles Auto Show's tradition of introducing green tech and green vehicles continues. Toyota showed up with its massive Kenworth semi-truck and trailer retrofitted with two hydrogen fuel cells. The fuel cells came from two existing Toyota Mirai hydrogen-powered sedans, while the motor was purpose-built to

    TFLtruck’s Top 10 Bizarre and Unusual Trucks: From Midsize Dually to a Retractable Hardtop [Video]

    Sometimes we simply have fun with our TFLtoday live broadcasts. This is TFLtruck's Top 10 Bizarre and Unusual trucks. We picked some of the most unusual trucks sold in North America over the last four to five decades. We shoot live videos on our TFLnow Youtube channel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Watch the 2017 Gold Hitch Towing and Off-Road Award Winners LIVE at 7 P.M MST on TFLnow

    2017 ford chevy ram f-350 3500 hd sd dually diesel race drag

    Tonight at 7 p.m MST The Fast Lane Truck is proud to announce our 2017 Gold Hitch award winners. After months of testing, deliberating and video producing we have found the best trucks in the land, and you can join us in the ceremony! The event will be featured on our