• Is This a Raptor Version of the 2019 Ford Ranger Caught Testing in Australia? (Report)

    2019 ford ranger raptor version 4x4

    This current-generation Ford Ranger (Mexican market specification) was seen on the Interstate 15 in Southern California. The image was provided by Ryan McNeal. Thank you Ryan! The folks at CarAdvice caught what appears to be a special off-road version of the next Ford Ranger prototype. Could this be a Ford Ranger Raptor? Check

    Another Ford Ranger Caught in Michigan: What to Expect from the 2019 Ford Ranger? (Op/Ed)

    ford ranger pickup truck extended cab long bed

    Here are the latest images of an Australian/European spec Ford Ranger caught in Michigan with manufacturer plates. This particular XLT Hi-Rider is a right-hand drive truck with an extended cab and a longer (6-foot) bed. Thanks to Brock for sending in the images! We get many questions related to the upcoming Ford Ranger.

    Toyota Tacoma Has a Great May, Will Nissan Frontier Overtake the Chevy Colorado? (Sales Report)

    The Toyota Tacoma has managed to stop the recent sales decreases in May 2017. It improved by 6.7% over May of last year. Still, all Year-To-Date (YTD) comparisons show a decline in sales across the midsize pickup truck segment. The Nissan Frontier is still putting up good numbers (although it down

    Havelaar Bison Concept is an Electric Pickup Truck from Canada: What Do You Think?

    havelaar bison concept electric pickup truck canada

    Electric pickup trucks are inevitable. The Havelaar Bison concept is the next entry on the scene. This is a Canadian-built concept that is using batteries to feed dual electric motors, front and rear. This is an all-wheel-drive concept, and Havelaar constructed it in collaboration with the University of Toronto. The company