• Is This the Electric Mail Delivery Truck of the Future? It Wears USPS Livery (Spied)

    The Workhorse Group, makers of the Workhorse W-15 Electric pickup, confirmed via tweet that their prototype mail truck had been spotted testing in Virginia. Furthermore, the group has recently released some images of their van in a tweet. Our New Low Floor Electric Delivery Platform is the perfect application for any

    Is FCA planning a Ram ProMaster City Plug-in Hybrid Van? [Op/Ed]

    The big question here is - would building a Ram ProMaster City Plug-in Hybrid be profitable enough to make it a reality? This rumor comes from two sources: an associate near the Chrysler proving grounds in Chelsea, MI saw a partially disguised Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid next to a Ram

    Don’t Call it a Comeback: GM Hybrid Trucks to Return This Year [News]


    General Motors is once again dipping its toes into the cool waters that are the hybrid pickup market. In 2016, a "select number" of Silverados and Sierras (700 in total, to be exact) will be equipped with a mild hybrid electrical system, meaning the trucks will be fitted with a

    Ford vs. Toyota in Race for Hybrid Pickups [News]

    What happens when the world's leading seller of pickup trucks teams up with the world's leader in hybrid technology? Well, nothing, apparently. Ford and Toyota have ended their partnership to produce a hybrid system for pickups. According to senior managing officer in charge of Toyota's powertrain division, Koei Saga, the