• Toyota Tacoma Has Won the Midsize Truck Sales Fight: August 2017 Sales Report

    The August 2017 sales number for the United States are in. The Toyota Tacoma is still chugging along in the lead. Toyota's midsize truck had another great sales month in August. The Chevy Colorado is also doing well with a 11.0% improvement over last year. The same cannot be said for

    Ford F-Series Continues to Lead Full-size Pickup Truck Sales in August 2017 (Sales Report)

    2018 ford f-150 f150 sport 4x4 package sales august

    The August 2017 sales numbers for the United States are in. Ford F-Series continues to lead in full-size pickup truck sales. Chevrolet is now comfortable in second place for sales in August and so far this year. Ram struggled a little in August, but the company hold the third position without