• Mother Trucker Ep.1: Having Fun With Trucks – Off-Road Kiting [Video]

    mother trucker ep.1 off-road kite flying pickup trucks 2017 nissan

    Mother Trucker is a new series starting on TFLtruck where we take a truck, and an activity, and go have some fun (usually resulting in something getting destroyed). This first episode features Roman, Michael, and Tommy in their attempts to fly a kite with a truck. We turned to the store

    TFLtruck’s Top 10 Bizarre and Unusual Trucks: From Midsize Dually to a Retractable Hardtop [Video]

    Sometimes we simply have fun with our TFLtoday live broadcasts. This is TFLtruck's Top 10 Bizarre and Unusual trucks. We picked some of the most unusual trucks sold in North America over the last four to five decades. We shoot live videos on our TFLnow Youtube channel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday