• Ask TFLtruck: Which Used Truck to Buy under $25,000 to Tow 7,500 Lbs Trailer? Nissan Titan?

    2014 nissan titan pro-4x extreme towing ike gauntlet

    We recently received the following question from Adam C. It boils down to: which used truck under $25,000 to buy to tow a 7,500 lbs trailer on a regular basis? Long-term reliability and towing performance are the main requirements for Adam. I am looking for used trucks that can tow a

    Truck Rewind: Nissan Alpha-T Concept: Foretelling the Future of Utilitarian Tailgates?

    The Nissan Alpha-T concept was, and still is, one of the most polarizing concept trucks out there. Debuting at the 2001 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), it was highly influential in the styling of the lauded 1st generation Nissan Titan. Carlos Ghosn, who is Chairman of the Board of

    Toyota Tacoma is Still Selling Like Mad: September 2017 Sales Report

    Competition No surprise, the Toyota Tacoma is on top of the list like it usually is. While the Chevy Colorado is not too far behind, it is still struggling to keep up with the ever-popular Tacoma. The news is not so good for the other three trucks on this list. Nissan