• Grades of Steel: How Many Types of Steel Alloys Are in Your Pickup Truck?

    How many types of alloys are in your pickup truck? How about this 2017 Honda Ridgeline unibody pickup truck? This body-in-white demonstration vehicle shows many different types/grades of steel that go into its construction. This is a unique opportunity to look at the details and the complexity of the truck

    Can the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Beat the Toyota Tacoma in USA Sales?

    2017 gmc canyon all terrain x off-road v6

    The dominant Toyota Tacoma kept its midsize truck sales lead again in November, but all competitors showed huge gains over a year ago. The Tacoma's sales were up more than 15.3% over November 2015, and it was not the highest gain among midsize truck competitors. Toyota recently announced plans to increase capacity in its Tijuana,